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May 08, 2018 RESISTANCE COMICS unapologetically takes on man’s unceasing scumbaggery, to seriously explore this conversation is literally necessary for Earths survival. “THE RANGER-CORE,” (unlike every other comics company like MARVEL & DC) admits the obvious truth that the entire entertainment industry propagandizes and rarely faces: — that men are evil.

Everything evil has been done under the watch and control of and by men so by default they are responsible.

Many would be very happy to exploit poverty (one of the real reason we vilify immigrants and keep people poor so they are vulnerable and we can exploit them)

How many men are there that have been willing to exploited this poor kid because her MOM is dying? Nice, great, awesome. Is you F-Ing dick REALLY that important to you?

Well we address the proporated value of men and are not fair but not kind.

 There we said it now deal with it.



Instead they celebrate man as if somehow we are special and worthy of survival Whenever the world is at stake we remind ourselves of how worthy the human race is and why we must live. BULLSHIT! We believe such notions are propaganda. Those cruel vermin that have that odd appendage hanging between their legs that makes them believe they are special unique and entitle make us scum. Perhaps something actually carried inside the cell walls of the penis makes us dicks. Man, boys in particular are the guilty ones as they have ran humanity since day one and by any objective measure they are garbage.

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AND—Just because ever man is not evil is NOT a saving grace. Majority rule and the majority are absently filthy scum. Who else has the balls to take on such disturbing question: “Does man as even deserve to survive?


 As a civilization, we are uncivilized and specialize in dehumanizing and exploiting those weaker than us–let’s face it, what purpose do humans serve? What is the goal and mission of our culture? We now have more people in slavery then in any other time in humane history, more wars more violence more hate and more starvation. Our purpose is to participate in some sick evil Twilight Zone version of monopoly? “Be honest, money was not created for barter or trade.

It is a man made mechanism to create invisible chains to permanently enslave us all, Just as borders were. (divide and conquer & keep them separated) It was to isolate and place the population in “caged” units to better control us and more importantly to separate us and to create a kind of xenophobia even within the boundaries that hold us’” says 15-year old writer & creator Aeylias Lopez, who founded the Social Justice Comic book back in 2008.

“We base our deprived deranged system on winners and losers; on greed, not equality, love, and justice. We insanely worship at the altar of dollars, a non-existent entity, that truly demonstrates the diseased nature of man’s insane judgment. Society should be based on whatever will move it forward, advance us as a planet as a civilization, not whoever has the most pictures of corrupt men with numbers on them.

The truth is the ONLY numbers that should be printed on money is 666 as cash is surely representational of the devil & hell. Our civilization has style but no substance. To paraphrase Einstein ‘the greatest danger posed to man is that his technology has out paced his morality.’ We are a species that worships THINGS above our own brothers & sisters, mothers and fathers. We are a psychotic population,” submits Mr. Lopez.



“RESISTANCE Comics” recognizes that Earthlings are not the darling breed every book & movie falsifies and propagandizes like some bizarre demented homily dogma,” says Sebastian X, writer activist of Ranger-core. “We are a society of squalid parasites that believe the world is our toilet and we have the right to spread our christened, saintly, special brand of feces everywhere,” he states emphatically. “2,200 children a day starve to death, according to FEED THE CHILDREN, Democracy Now reports that 7 million people in Yemen are about to die from man made cholera and malnutrition, a crisis fueled by a 700 billion dollar greedy evil Saudi weapons deal. RT News states that there are “Now more refugees than in any other time in human history.” Our neighbors are without homes, but who cares, right? “WAR IS A RACKET” & “ADDICTED TO WAR” states that we butchered 7 plus million people in KOREA and VIETNAM. The authorities falsely claim we did it to get rid of communism; when our true motivation was the riches in sugar, coffee and sexual servitude of their women & children -it was not ‘a complicated and confusing situation,’ (standard operating think tank trash)- it was unadulterated malignancy. The State Department says “there are more slaves now then in any other period in human history–” SO KEN BURNS, after having interviewed over 28 Vietnam Vets believe your documentary is evil and delusional and is another attempt to falsely reframe history.


The government rapes us of our privacy & white supremacy continues to reign. This administration wants the poor to pay for a 3 trillion tax giveaway to the super lazy, ultra-prosperous, and take away the health care from millions of poor children and hungry babies because the spoiled-thieving wealthy need even more gold.

Front Line reports that as much as 11 TRILLION dollars vanished after the Obama bailout, and brainwashed puppets cry about the $448 dollars poor desperate hungry families get from welfare. Certain authorities site that another 23 TRILLION Bucks has gone unaccounted for-but we are here fighting over the completely fictitious notion of illegal immigrants, Religious people in particular forget God made THE EARTH NOT America or any other country and as such NO ONE can ever be illegal. The oligarchy has appointed another mad man to the white house; he was NOT elected by the people–it was the fraudulent system we have sexily dubbed as the ‘Electoral College’. (Which is just another way to tell the common citizen that they do not matter.) A system created by our fraudulent fathers who only interest was other rich people like them not natives, blacks women, or other poor people.

Oh, and do not forget that the Last administration approved the use of human fetal cells for use in our food; enjoy pro-lifers & pro-choicers -both losers- gulp down those delicious babies! YUMMY! YEAH! We are now officially cannibals! Soy lent Green has come home to roost. All the while, religious organizations rail against abortions AND condoms, another perverted oxymoron. All to ensure the supply for the sickos of even more infant body parts to serve us for dinner. and we do not have the intestinal fortitude to truly help anyone. We must accept that men are cowards. Yeah you like him because he spoke nice and was handsome but he was not better or worse then the orange haired clown we have now-his presentation yes, his substance no.

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“We believe man has not earned the right to survive, and we have a serious choice to be made, We have reached the pinnacle of now or never. RESISTANCE COMICS, is the big middle finger that those in power and humanity needs-it is a wake up call wrapped inside a comic book. We all have to decide what the purpose of mankind is and who do we want to be? A bunch of self serving maniacal ego maniacs who believe our only purpose is to exploit, dominant and annihilate- or will we be a people that create and spread kindness, a helping hand and brotherly love?

Think of the irony of that statement juxtaposed against being banned & censored by every Comic Con and every comic shop. What EXACTLY are they afraid of?

Our long running and very successful series is the black sheep of the comic book industry written for those few of great conscious and high moral standards willing to ask themselves the hard questions that everyone else fears- and then take action as we are the only graphic novel series in the history of humanity to be activists as well as artists. Because words alone are not enough.

You will have to order the book through our web site as wide spread panic has caused the industry to have it banned by every comic convention and censored by every comic shop in the world. What are they all so terrified of?” concludes Sebastian X.

Our flagship sold out series acknowledges that humans are overwhelmingly evil and within the RANGER-CORE a story compared by many to Fahrenheit 451, BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984 & SOY LENT GREEN, follows the judgment of Earth by the rest of the UNIVERSE. Man is so feared the verdict is to impose extinction upon our world and the Now, a breakaway faction of The RANGER CORE, a group of extraordinary powered beings dedicated to the safety of all life throughout the known solar systems, have a sworn duty to save us, but not even GAIA, the appointed leader & guardian of Earth, wants to. Will the prophecies that ranger-core explores come true and will humanity wake up in time not only to save itself within the book, but in reality as well?


Yeah, we are NOT a charity but still donate at least 25% of our proceeds to worthwhile people and charities. Now that putting your money where your heart is.



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