HHS placed a number of UACs [Unaccompanied Alien Children] in the hands of a ring of human traffickers who forced them to work on egg farms in and around Marion, Ohio.





An anonymous “Jane Doe” filed a federal lawsuit against GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump last week, accusing him of raping her in 1994 when she was thirteen years old. The mainstream media ignored the filing.

(In covering a story, a media outlet is not finding guilt. It is simply reporting the news that a lawsuit has been filed against Mr. Trump, and ideally putting the complaint in context. Unproven allegations are just that – unproven, and should be identified that way. (Mr. Trump’s lawyer says the charges are “categorically untrue, completely fabricated and politically motivated.”) Proof comes later, at trial. But the November election will come well before any trial. And while Mr. Trump is presumed innocent, we are permitted — no, we are obligated — to analyze the case’s viability now.) More on the end of this article:

Document reveals Trump administration planned on separating migrant families soon after inauguration

Notes from a meeting soon after Trump’s inauguration show a Department of Homeland Security official listed it among the methods that would discourage asylum seekers.

so it was not stuff that just happened he was drooling to make it happen for a LONG time now. Watch that report but i digress for now:

Lets look at the kids that are kidnapped:

HHS officials say that they have no legal responsibility to monitor the children once they are released from the department’s Office of Refugee Resettlement, according to The Washington Post.

Letting little kids roam around unaccounted for surely makes them very vulnerable to the predators that exists in the system or outside the system is that the first step every predator must take is to separate the kids for the parents.


There are still concerns about what may become of the immigrant youth placed in care by HHS. PBS’s Frontline sent an email to Teen Vogue following the publication of this report, pointing to the reporting in April that some unaccompanied minors who entered the country and were later placed by HHS have been susceptible to trafficking or abuse.

REALLY NO f-ing kidding? I say that is the plan. A pedophile law written to benefit pedophiles.

The federal government lost track of 1,475 immigrant children last year, according to an April report from the Associated Press.

The children, who were placed in the homes of adult sponsors in communities across the country, were first reported missing by The New York Times based on what a Health and Human Services Department (HHS) official told a Senate subcommittee during an April 26 testimony. The HHS realized that the almost 1,500 children couldn’t be found after attempting to make follow-up calls to check on their safety, an agency official told the Associated Press.

The shocking figure comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new policy that all attempted border crossers would be prosecuted, and that the U.S. government would separate children from their parents during the prosecution. Further reports showed that the government planned to house them on military basesAs PBS’s  Frontlinenoted, many critics of these plans fear that the children would be susceptible to trafficking or abuse following the separation.

2016 Senate committee report;  “over a period of four months in 2014, however, HHS placed a number of UACs [Unaccompanied Alien Children] in the hands of a ring of human traffickers who forced them to work on egg farms in and around Marion, Ohio, leading to a July 2015 federal criminal indictment. According to the indictment, the minor victims were forced to work at egg farms in Marion and other location for six or seven days a week, twelve hours per day.”

Was it not Chumpie that said not even the kids “–are not innocent–” so I guess they deserve to be screamed at smacked sexually assaulted and traded for cash for sexual pleasing evil and diseased adults?

Good point.

Snap 2018-06-03 at 12.20.07.png

“The traffickers repeatedly threatened the victims and their families with physical harm, and even death, if they did not work or surrender their entire paychecks,” the report continued. “The indictment alleges that the defendants ‘used a combination of threats, humiliation, deprivation, financial coercion, debt manipulation, and monitoring to create a climate of fear and helplessness that would compel [the victims’] compliance.’”

Senators have criticized the agencies who assumed responsibility for the migrant children. “You are the worst foster parents in the world. You don’t even know where they are. We are failing. I don’t think there is any doubt about it,” Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) told the HHS on April 26. “And when we fail kids that makes me angry.”

(WE ARE SO SICK! This is why is say men are scum)

Children exploited through prostitution report they typically are given a quota by their trafficker/pimp of 10 to 15 buyers per night…Utilizing a conservative estimate, a domestic minor sex trafficking victim …would be raped by 6,000 buyers during the course of her victimization through prostitution.
– The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children, Shared Hope International, May 2009, page 20.


BUT we are so PRO pedophile in this country that; 6[victims of sex trafficking] were arrested and thrown into jail, and that the police treated them like criminals, even when they knew they were minors. Often times, police officers solicited their services, the girls said, or they had relationships with pimps. “They would just send me to jail and keep me here for like a couple of months, then they’d release me thinking everything’s good,” M.S. said. “I was scared to run to the police or cops or something because you know… I don’t think they’d really listen. They try to set up a date with you knowing that you were a minor. They didn’t care.”

That’s why I say men are cowards! Where are you heroes to help these kids? too busy watching INFINITY WAR? Or PLAYING BATTLEFIELD 5 to help anyone? And all of you whiners who complain about our social justice platform and to all the distributors and the industry that bans us! F YOU! DROP DEAD we are not changing COWARDS!

We rather be broke and ridiculed than be YOU!

According to a 2016 AP investigation, “more than two dozen” unaccompanied minors were placed with foster parents just like the ones Heitkamp was referring to: the children “were sexually assaulted, starved, or forced to work for little or no pay.”

I know, I know, just like ‘OBOMB-THEM-ALL’ supporters (he sent the National Guard to the ‘boarders’ too & deported more families then anyone) let the last dude slide in everything he did. CHUMPIE supporters will do the same. But neither side is brainwashed and BOTH sides will swear they are different-A distinction I can not observe. Style does not win out over substance. (But Trump is doubling down, claiming that those children are nothing more than criminals in the future. Per the Washington Post🙂

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: “–We’re also letting people in who are vulnerable.”

And that is how you make slaves. That is how you sex traffic. You make people even more vulnerable, even more scared, so you can get them to work for little or nothing, and you can even get some brown 5 year into bed with you, nice.

This world is run by predators, and if we do not stand up to them we are just as guilty, you will NEVER hear MARVEL or DC say it cause they have no balls but we will.

We have to end slavery, we have to end sex trafficking, we have to stop exploiting brown little girls and boys, or all of us deserves the exact same fate.

To make matters worse the pedophiles family haters have zero plans to reunite the kids (and worse perhaps is no one knows where the girls are? How convenient you God damn scum bags.)

The House bill allows kids and families to be detained by ICE indefinitely — which is what Trump has wanted all along

The Republican summary of the new bill (as reported by Leigh Ann Caldwell of NBC) claims that it ends family separation: “Accompanied alien minors apprehended at the border must not be separated from their parent or legal guardian while in DHS custody.”

There is no language like that in the bill.

( )

That sentence would overrule a court agreement that’s been in place for the past 20 years, called the Flores agreement, that puts strict limitations on when the government can keep children in immigration detention. The Flores agreement requires that kids be released “without unnecessary delay,” and that they are kept in the meantime in the “least restrictive” conditions possible.

(All they are telling you is LIES!)

The Flores agreement doesn’t require the government to separate families. It just requires the government not to indefinitely detain children. But the Trump administration has decided to maximize the detention of asylum seekers, including parents, to prevent people from disappearing into the US as unauthorized immigrants after they’re released. (This is the so-called “catch and release” policy Trump has railed against.)

The new bill is JUST smoke & mirrors do NOT be fooled by either side instead Chose the side of the children-I DO NOT CARE about party affiliations I only, we only care about the kids.

The US Isn’t Just Separating Children From Their Parents. It Also Has No Plan To Reunite Them.

Immigration authorities have no intention of reuniting parents separated from their kids until they’re about to be deported or released from detention.

HHS was unable to provide any specific instance of a child being reunited with a parent who’d completed their sentence under the zero-tolerance policy or to provide general numbers on such reunions.

Lee Gelernt, the deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, who is the lead lawyer suing the Trump administration for separating immigrant parents from their children, said immigration authorities are not reuniting children and parents even after the parents have served their time, which is usually two to three days.

“Kids are just languishing for months in foster families or government facilities,” Gelernt told BuzzFeed News. “If the government is saying there is some process for reuniting them promptly, we haven’t seen it.”

Gelernt said one of the ACLU’s plaintiffs had been released after a few days in jail for illegal entry. Eight months later, she still hasn’t been reunited with her child.

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, “My impression has been that in general many are not being reunited after they do their time served … that they are in fact not reunified while awaiting their asylum claim,” Merkley told BuzzFeed News. “There’s great confusion on this point.”

“The mothers could not stop crying when they spoke about their children — young girls and boys who were taken from them with no chance to say goodbye and no plan for reunification,” Jayapal said. “Over a third of the women were mothers who had been forcibly separated from their children, who range in age from 1-year-old to teenagers. The vast majority of the mothers have not spoken with their children in weeks and they have no idea where they are.”

The accusations & history of Chumpie and why it all might just be credible::

Mr. Trump has relished calling women “dogs,” “slobs” and “pigs,” and cyberstalked and derided journalist Megyn Kelly for having the temerity to ask him to defend his own words. He threw out the most misogynist of attacks, attempting to undermine her professionalism by accusing her of menstruating. He’s cruelly ridiculed the appearance of a female opponent (Carly Fiorina) and an opponent’s wife (Heidi Cruz). His campaign even openly acknowledged that it disqualified all women for consideration as his vice-president.

Mr. Trump has a long history of debasing women he’s worked with, crossing the line on a regular basis. He’s taken lifelong joy in objectifying women, including his proclamation: “Women, you have to treat ‘em like shit.”

This cannot be ignored. Decades of abusive language does not make him a rapist. But it does show us who the man is: a callous, meanspirited misogynist who no sane person would leave alone with her daughter. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.”

A third woman accused Mr. Trump of rape very recently. According to the Daily Mail, a woman filed an April 2016 lawsuit claiming that when she was thirteen years old she was held as a sex slave to Mr. Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein. The woman claimed to have a witness, “Tiffany Doe,” to the incidents. She filed the case in pro per, that is, without the assistance of a lawyer.

I’ve carefully reviewed this federal complaint. It is now much stronger than the one she filed on her own, which makes sense because she now has an experienced litigator representing her. Jane Doe says that as a 13-year-old, she was enticed to attend parties at the home of Jeffrey Epstein with the promise of money modeling jobs. Mr. Epstein is a notorious “billionaire pedophile” who is now a Level 3 registered sex offender — the most dangerous kind, “a threat to public safety” — after being convicted of misconduct with another underage girl.

Jane Doe says that Mr. Trump “initiated sexual contact” with her on four occasions in 1994. Since she was thirteen at the time, consent is not an issue. If Mr. Trump had any type of sexual contact with her in 1994, it was a crime.’

So what incentive does he have to care about poor little brown kids that are “–animals–” like their parents?

On the fourth incident, she says Mr. Trump tied her to a bed and forcibly raped her, in a “savage sexual attack,” while she pleaded with him to stop. She says Mr. Trump violently struck her in the face. She says that afterward, if she ever revealed what he had done, Mr. Trump threatened that she and her family would be “physically harmed if not killed.” She says she has been in fear of him ever since.

This is who you are going to trust with kids or begin involved in the fate of children?

A STAR TREK member said this:

“At least during the internment of Japanese-Americans, I and other children were not stripped from our parents,” Takei wrote in a piece published Tuesday in Foreign Policy. “We were not pulled screaming from our mothers’ arms. We were not left to change the diapers of younger children by ourselves.”

AND read this by NPR:

“It’s a haunting feeling,” said U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, referring to the infants in the shelter. “I think it’s strengthened everybody’s resolve to do everything we can to change this policy.”

You can read the rest yourself (i can write a BOOK on this whole BS issue)

Not us we will continue to fight let #marvel #dc and the others right about cotton candy fighting of fake villains who are not only weak but boring we have to write about REAL life not FAKE crap. (beside my own personal opinion is they do it deliberately as part of a distraction media campaign. And as such are part of the problem-that is  why they are boring to many people think about it they literally write about nothing.)

We accept the fact that we will continue to be BANNED 4 posting this: STOP TRUMP FAMILY DESTROYER! TRUMP PRO-PEDOPHILE LAWS Victory 4 Human Traffickers #RETWEET #LIKE #FOLLOW if you agree with us. (and other such articles as social media overwhelming support those that oppress the people)

We will keep fighting for the kids, minorities, native women, and those that can not defend themselves-despite begin banned by COMIC CONS & COMIC SHOPS & DISTRIBUTORS, we will keep donating at least 25% of our proceeds to fight for justice no MATTER the cost (FACEBOOK had banned us Twitter consistently suspends the accounts of our entire staff)

We are going to keep battling for justice-what about you?



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