WHITES ARE ENTITLED Illegal Immigrants (Criminals & Original Anchor babies) But it’s ok-they are WHITE.


A serial killer never thinks he is wrong, nor does a rapist, I have also NEVER had anyone EVER admit that they are a racist-EVIL people ALWAYS think they are wonderful.


Yes, we took this country by being serial killers & mass murders. Face reality, we are ALL criminals either by having committed the act ourselves or simply accepting it all by hiding behind the hands of time. Making us co-conspirators, accessories after the fact. Many comedians ask the question about significant & controversial historical events: “Is it too soon?” We ask: “Is it too late?” There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER.

Therefore, it continues to this day to be a CRIME and we by genetic extension & moral complacency are without doubt, criminals. (and white people are de facto the original. “anchor babies”). We have laws that prevent convicts and their families from benefiting from their felonies.

But what about us?


What about this generation?

We struggle in a country that hypes freedom, yet, the Supreme Court strips our voting rights, dismantles affirmative action & consistently robs from the poor to give another handout to the weak lazy rich.(that hire beggars called euphemistically Lobbyist to plead beg and bribe public officials for help as they just can not make it on their own. so they plead & pay for short cuts and head starts as in reality they are failures)  All critical in protecting the rights of minorities and the populace of this alleged nation.–and re-instituting Jim Crowe, we have taken a 150 year step backwards & we have revealed a far more sinister yet connected fact: The State Department imparts that “there are more slaves now then in any other time in human history.” Surprise! Human bondage NEVER ended, not in this country, not anywhere. We have simply re branded it like good capitalist do.

The regurgitation of evil. Let us NOT even address slavery which was all part and parcel to this sick made disease, this eugenic agenda, which only further validates how disturbed everyone who participated in this made Lex Luther goal. Evil PURE EVIL.


Welcome to slavery 2.0 and good old fashion racism and the more friendly appearing Jimmy Crowe the rightful descendant of the much less ear friendly Jim Crowe.

This immigration philosophy falls apart on so many levels and is littered with in consistence and moral caverns–It is interesting to consider how many generations have to pass before you are NOT considered an illegal immigrant–is that your grandfather?–your 2nd? Your fifth grand mother removed? This sounds like slippery slope to me–So how many generations of ‘Mexicans’ ( a completely fabricated term) have to be here in order to get a pass–you know–like the one you got–except your ancestors did it by brutal violence, murder, rape and slavery–you were grand fathered in by violent criminals that go back to the founding fathers that wrote in our own constitution about the inhuman “savages”.

Freedom for whites but in reality a cloaked eugenics agenda. And you have zero problem from being the beneficiary of pure unadulterated evil? Do you not? Not responsible for what your ancestors did? Awesome; but why accept their blood treasure and ill gotten goods from a criminal enterprise? Because that’s what colonialism is. People love to call it “war’. war is made by MUTUAL combatants. The natives invaded no one. there is no  doubt about who is the aggressor and who is the scum bag here.


You can call raping a “date” all you want, names do not matter to me in this context, actions do.

I call it war too but with the word ‘crimes’ attached to it; war is when you act in self defense to protect your family and neighbors, when you are invaded or attacked, (remember I just said that above) what we did was purely criminal enterprise.

That’s what the Anglo Saxon did; they told you that it was ‘manifest destiny’–I say believe the criminal when he confesses his motives. But we forgive ourselves because we ‘won’ by committing wholesale genocide slaughtering at least 100 million innocent souls perhaps as many as 300 million, wow, so if we ‘lost’ we would see our behavior as different, that is very sick & frankly disturbing.


We successfully raped the girl so we now name her “wife” as if that changes anything?


As ‘Americans‘, we must accept that we are still the criminal intruders. (We consistently talk about the Middle East and describe it as a “centuries old feud”).

well last I check the natives have not surrendered and now they are not just fighting for t heir own survival but your as well white boy. And how do we repay them? we drive home the point of how much we hate them—that we celebrate our ancestors brutality –we disrespect and mock natives by using THEIR “N” word to name white sports teams.

Well FU “SKINS!” You will also be the Washington “REDNECK PALEFACE HONKEYS” TO ME!

If your tiny mind is able Imagine the Washington “N’s”, who would tolerate that? or the “NY Crackers” or even better yet the Washington Pale Faces? Imagine black people showing up in white face? Yeah, that wouldn’t be racist, would it? Are inane games so deeply rooted in our psyche that they serve as a dark reflection of who we REALLY are?

We draw a false distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ immigrants, yet, who are these laws made by? Ironically, tragically the original Illegal immigrants. How do the first lawless immigrants call the newer ‘illegal’ migrants- illegal? –No, we are descendants of war mongers– those that came here by force of violence —all the while their progeny–engaged in whole sale slaughter.


But then again, like laws, we manufacture territories to take control to now be able to designate that the people that once lived on the land are now indeed immigrants and worse, illegal ones. 1984 can not hold a candle to the machinations white people do–Migration is a natural act that man and animals participate in, just as graffiti is, look at prehistoric mans caves. the 1% take those parts of us which are God given and twist it against us. To take what they want and leave the crumbs behind and worse yet to keep us fighting one another over issues that they could care less about. I stand with the the original land owners of this and all other countries and bow my head in solidarity with indigenous people throughout the world–the ones Caucasians call absurdly illegal immigrants. Didn’t Joseph Goebbels states “That always accuse your enemy of what you are doing yourself.” ?

Our graphic novels are the only ones to tell the truth and not the propaganda started by the Anglo Saxon colonist slave masters and the comic industry finds us offensive, Jack Nicholson character had it right at least when he said “You can’t handle the truth” and RATS proves the truth of that statement everyday, white people can not handle the truth. And in a way we do not blame them,

as the truth is a very ugly thing. Be bold, be daring read the book they just do not want you too.




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7 thoughts on “WHITES ARE ENTITLED Illegal Immigrants (Criminals & Original Anchor babies) But it’s ok-they are WHITE.

  1. what trash mindless soulless colorful gobble gook, does any one but anyone here have a mind? Emotional masturbation propaganda to numb your minds to the truth and reality of the world?

    Escapism is that what you call it?

    Yeah and where do you go to ‘Face up isim?’ DO not say the news as it is deliberate jaded to create fer so where is this place?

    No wonder the world is sht we live in a world full of cowards!

    MARVEL SUCKS BIG D*&K MARVELL MAKES ABSOLUTELY LONG COMMERCIALS TO SELL zip tie bags to sneakers, that is why they are so terrible!

    get a FREE READ let me know your thoughts please

    https://www.ranger-core.net/53-ranger-core-x-dead–buried-part-1-of-22.html #industrycensored #banned

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcdYzGc6C-s&t=1295s PODCAST OF DESTINY !

    INFINITY WAR IS TRASH! Its all about selling products NOT story telling NOT making FILMS!

    We do what no one has THE balls to do, period!

    Only 5% of you will even get it.

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