Aeylias Lopez 18-year-old founder of RESISTANCE COMICS tells ”–face it humans are an imitative stupid beast that is much more like mindless drones than anything else in the animal kingdom, man did not invent meat eating and he did not invent hunting. He was so stupid, so primitive, he could only ape those other much more intelligent beings around him.” He states emphatically. “He had seen a tiger eat meat, so, like any good puppet, he imitated them. There is zero proof that man should eat flesh and blood and bones in the objective sense. No claws, no hind legs. If you are born to do something you would have the tools. If you could swim underwater, you would have gills, Period. So this is not opinion. Sorry brutalizers, eating animals is a leaned imitative trait not within our own nature.” he surmises. “Even the bible clearly states that death, the eating of animals was PUNISHMENT for what Adam & Eve did. Killing, murder and butchery was retribution, not a reward.”


“We have no wings, so as much as you wish we could fly, we can’t, no wings, NOT an opinion. That we can MANIPULATE the natural laws only proves we are manipulators, NOT that we are birds– that we can chew and swallow meat does NOT prove we should be eating it.” Sebastian X states a writer/artist on the R.A.T.S. team, “–So PALIEOS a special middle finger to you, your point is you want me to imitate a bunch of barbaric cave dwelling morons?” He adds. “Wow, talk about a loser of a point; how about ‘Paleo Dating’, where we just rape and pull women by their hair into caves or ‘Paleo Parenting’ where we bashed our kids heads in with rocks? Nice. You want me to follow the least intelligent iteration of man ever to inhabit the Earth? No thanks, that’s for stupid people. Paleo is just a branding by the meat industry think tanks to manipulate you and you fools fell for it.” He concludes.

“No more then the people that can chew and swallow glass and razor blades proves that that full fills some sort of dietary need. Sorry putzes, can’t help you here. You are simply delusional, and if you are looking for authoritative help there is not much, as everyone is getting their pockets lined from the American Caners Associated to the ADA. No one is going to be giving up their swimming pools or Rolls Royce to make you healthier-as the business of slaughter is a trillion dollar business. Humans are very petty and do not have much interest in the truth. Just because you can find some honest people does not prove that most people are not bad, easily manipulated or just fools. But it gets worse, most animal eating can be traced to animal sacrifice and worshipping the devil, it is a pagan ritual and you have become their bitch. Not to mention that the consumption of animals and participating unwittingly in pagan practices starves the rest of the world and pollutes it. Go watch “COW CONSPIRACY” and ‘WHAT THE HEALTH’ as well, and get educated. And this absolute nonsense that it is white privilege to be vegan is 180 degrees incorrect, it is the total opposite, white men have always raped, plundered and brutalized just like they do to animals today–now the tormenting torturing and ritual abuse of animals is white privilege and that crazy assertion it is expensive to be vegan, I see meat all the times 2 to 10 TIMES the cost of vegetable I do not know what store these people are shopping at but they need to shut that place down. A bag of carrots more than a pound of beef? get lost. I got no time for BS. I understand the impoverished and homeless (or people like them) with getting meat they do not pay for but everyone else is just a creep. Of course, then we must ask ourselves why do we ALLOW people to be homeless and so incredibly poor? it is all part of the same abusive power structure that brutalizes other life forms.”

So further OBJECTIVE proof if we were supposed to be doing this, the world wouldn’t be dying and people wouldn’t be starving. By eating animals, you are not just torturing, imprisoning and being the cruelest bastard possible, but you are ruining the future for our children, grandchildren and starving other humans NOT at some point in the future, but right now.

Sorry boys and girls, if you eat animals, you are a loser. Besides mans judgment is not trustworthy. These are the same people that slaughtered the Jews, committed Genocide against the natives all over the world and enslaved your fellow man. Mans opinions are NOT to be trusted, ESPECIALLY mainstream ideas and beliefs.

Chances are; if it is mainstream, it is a lie. and the meat industry has no intention of giving up BILLION is profits and sales.

RESISTANCE COMICS A division of CONFORM COMICS will continue to battle against oppression in every form whether it be animal or human rights pick up the most contested comic ever written in the history of graphic novels.