JEDI MIND CONTROL WORK IN USA Americans the stupidest people in the world

Eternity strikes back


PRO LIFE is about giving them enough human resources to do their dirty work, fight their fifthly wars, pick their strawberry and having enough sad uneducated poverty stricken little girls to rape. (preferably brown but they’ll take white too)PRO CHOICERS are their to give them enough genetic material and DNA to flavor their food (not kidding look it up) and to perform their Dr. Frankenstein experiments with.And that’s why I hate you both, Puppets, ZOMBIE, fools.

Talk about self delusional hippies. You can’t reduce abortions, eliminate birth control, cut welfare, ship good paying jobs over seas (trade agreements) cut the minimum wage, cut education, cut health care and LOVE children. These ideas do not go together. If you are selling every apple you have to the highest bidder your baby’s going to starve.

It No more goes together then maggots go with ice cream.

Do the ends justify the means?–and what exactly is the ends? and what of the collateral damage? I would say In many regards these are the wrong questions. You are dealing with people that do no share your values. You are no more going to relate to them then you will John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy. Oh is that too harsh? When we mine for gold people get sick and died when we drill for oil people get sick and die–they do not care about you. When are you going o stop being their sucker? But that’s all smoke and mirrors–as they are NOT trying to SOLVE problems–they are liars that want to game the system for their own ends.

SEE NO MASS conspiracy they do not give a crap and you are worthless to them, no more then a meat bag.

Conservatives want treasure, (and democrats do not mind much either) they want oil and they want to sell their weapons of war. FAT, WELL FED PEOPLE ARE DIFFICULT TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE. Make them thin poor and desperate.

Poverty is a VERY useful weapon—Keeping you poor people in your place–is the one and ONLY goal–it is Not to have some open discussion to solve the problems of the world. And better yet lets make even MORE people poor–ever hear of the ‘eroding middle class‘? Well you are it.

DANG! Just unlocked the secrets to life. There are not two sides to every argument-sometimes it’s the guy who is lying vs. the guy who is telling the truth.


Consider your world rocked.

We could have everyone living above the poverty level BUT then, no one is going to join a voluntary military when they have a college education and are making $200 dollars an hour. It’s worse if you supply them with plenty of food and health benefits. Well off people are not going to be flipping your stupid burgers either.

Equal wealth is a very bad thing for those in power.

why is everyone so easily fooled?

Gaia fights for our world but who will fight for Gaia?

The single biggest reason they like to throw around the term ‘redistribution of wealth‘-which is code for ‘we hate poor people’ is they are not interested in paying their own fair share. When a welfare mother is paying more in taxes than the top 10 largest corporations in America there is something very wrong.

It is up to you to realize neither side has your best interest at heart and the “game” is rigged, can not beat it if you cant see it, so wake up stop being their bitch.

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