WWE MEDIA & REPUBLICANS PRETEND TO HATE TRUMP (what do you think fake fighting looks like?)


Boyle Heights, CA, August 12, 2015 (Updated 2018): Would you really RATHER HEAR all the lies that every other president WANTS to spout but you are offended that Trump ADMITS what he and every other candidate believes?

So, you prefer the sweet sounds of lies over the bitter truth? Let’s stop being full of it. You should be offended by everyone’s garbage but they pull the strings and the puppets dance. The curtain was not only pulled back on OZ but The Emerald City as well. Not one of these scam artists are offended at WHAT he said, they just can’t believe he spilled the beans ( I am NOT here to evaluate the worth, intelligence or correctness of those beans but the Republicans & media false reaction to it). Worse, it is about having people scrutinize the party and they do not want, need, nor can they survive the scrutiny – -and THAT’S the REAL thing- -bringing closer examination to the party of exclusion, hate and backwards ways. Bottom line, they are pissed that Trump told their secret-

HOW MANY OF THE OTHER TURKEYS ON STAGE WERE LAUGHING WHEN Trump MADE HIS ALLEGED “OFFENSIVE COMMENTS’? I SAW Scott Walker grinning ear to ear at a very interesting moment—how about you? (yes, I know he was laughing AT him, not with–spare me the lies, Mr. Walker. The truth is you should have been so OFFENDED, smiling did not even cross your mind–let’s call it what it is, YOU F’D up! You exposed yourself.

(Like Ted Cruz, Marko Robio, or Ben Carson was EVER against CHUMPIE! BS!)

And Trump is calling unwanted attention and inspection for the party and they need that to stop that now. (BOTH the “liberal Media & Conservative” media is full of garbage, neither on your side)

I much prefer the stuff that comes out of Trump’s mouth than the rhetoric and false homage that the current man in charge spouts. Byron Allen called it right ”–a white man in black face–” he talks a good game, but like everyone else on the Republican ticket are full of it (and Hilliary- -and in case you didn’t notice, she is just a man- I am NOT talking about her appearance, I am talking about her heart) . You are all VERY selective as to who you hear your lies from.

(BOMB man dropped more bombs then any other president deported more families put the National Guard on the broader first, passed the Patriot Act again, Bailed out his rich buddies to the tune of 11 Trillion As per FRONT LINE and now another 23 Trillion under chumpie, They are all the same, except for style.)

One minute he (Bomb Man) speaks of global warming. The next minute, he is approving drilling in Alaska, sending ships to the Arctic and running pipe lines through the middle of the country. I would much rather know where I stand than being spoken to with some silky smarmy tongue. There is nothing worse than a knife in the back.

I want my enemies to identify themselves as such, not to pretend to have my back while the whole time they have a knife pointed at it.

So it is NOT about the truth. It is all about how clever and sweet the lies are. Who said “–the truth is beautiful but so are lies.” Wasn’t that Emerson?

You bunch of fools–you media shills feigning embarrassment and outrage –I do not believe not for a second–but the rest of you puppets play out your assigned roles and dance the dance as the devil play his fiddle.

Give me Trump over any of these other deceitful, scummy charlatans-lying in wait—at least you know what Trump will do and not give you an extended ballet with sweet music coming from the strings of Satan. (I use the word “give” very very loosely.)

Paul Ryan can’t wait to get naked with Chumpie in a hotel room, total frauds. (have you SEEN Paul”s face around Trumpie? He looks absolutely orgasmic! NO JOKE HERE!)


The “liberal” media uses his BS to distract us from the REAL much more serious issues at hand, both sides are frauds and neither is on your side they play the game differently but what is in common is they hate your guts.


NEITHER SIDE IS ON YOUR SIDE! Get serious, think they give a crap about you? HAHAH!

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