wemakesickpeople.jpg OR HOW SCHOOL TURNS PEOPLE INTO MONSTERS; right.


Everyone talks alot but says little to nothing, it is just a “conversation” running in some gerbil circle. Words but no, answers.

To the gun nuts I call COWARDS! TO the anti gun crowd I call cowards! No one has the gut to get to the REAL conversation and that is WHY? Why is this happening?

I am going to keep this simple; at least for now I do not know what happens at the PARKLAND shooting or Columbine or any other place for that matter and I find the explanations and ‘mad men with guns’ really really lacking there is very few people who are just going to go on a killing spree for no reason.

And the media is always suspiciously silent on why these shooters do what they do.


Its like ALL of media wants to keep this fog, this vapor of fear surrounding us, whether it is so called “conservative” media or “liberal” I found them all FOS.

and until someone explains it to me adequately I am not going to accept the company line.

So F you mass media for once again doing the absolutely pathetic job propaganda puff pieces you always do.

Let me help you “investigative journalist along with a few clues about to stuff to ask; I want to know “why and he is crazy or nuts” or loved guns is NOT going to cut it for me.

WHY? What caused it what triggered it/ why do so many folks feel their ONLY recourse is an insane act of violence?

I can tell you first hand when I went to school I perpetually felt in fear for my life. (why not I got my head repeatedly banged against the side walk slammed into metal doors, I was partially blinded, (Needed 3 surgeries)  have permanent back injuries, herniated disks, pinched nerves,  broken fingers, broken hand, my balance permanently impaired and have  seizure disorder and traumatic brain injury-there was more than once I had to face off against 30 kids surround by parents, crossing guards teachers, police, principals and no one ONCE EVER helped me. I was also the ONLY one ever suspended for “fighting” oh yeah the adults did something they laughed their asses off. Also more then one parents came over to my house to beat me up for defending myself)

So again WTF happened?? Less then my nightmare more then my nightmare? WHAT?

Its amazing to me how perhaps the most important part of the conversation is being left on the side lines.

To be clear I hate guns and hate the NRA I do NOT support violence in any way and nothing excuses what any of these shooters did, (HEAR ME THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER!)  but I do not appreciate every hiding about the real reason why these things happen and I for one want answers.

Until then I feel great pain for those lives lost but I am not going to buy the company line.

Your explanations and investigative journalism is terrible.

We keep making “monsters” and we better start asking why and how do we stop or at least mitigated it.

After all who investigated my case or the perpetual over a decade long nightmare which was my daily life?







Shumway Anti-Bullying Hotline

(480) 812-7400

Anti-Bullying & Youth Hotlines in the US and Canada

Canada Kids Help Phone

Peer listening line for those under 25 years old.

1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Youth Crisis Hotline for crisis intervention and school tip line for reporting weapons or homicidal remarks.

Covenant House NineLine dealing with crisis intervention and angry feelings

National Hopeline connects caller to a 24-hour crisis center in their area