Or why disabled people should join Kaepernick and take a knee.

Through the years I have learned that the single most dangerous thing in the world is to be yourself.

Particularly if you are disabled. I have been disabled since I was about 8 years old, bizarre episodes of things going blurry around me, being the weakest kid in my class (Could not do a push-up, sit up, or chin up) and having occurrences of missing time. I was an outright “spaz”, then I just thought that I was very ‘accident prone’ and found myself falling frequently. All bought on by the severe bullying and psychological abuse I suffered at school at the hands of teachers, principals, crossing guards and playground monitors. I would have my head punched, kicked, banged into walls, against concrete sidewalks and lapsed into unconsciousness more than once. In my neighborhood, I was called an “N”, a Puerto Rican and frequently told to go back to where I came from, They threw rocks at me, my house, my windows, stole my bikes, stole and killed my dogs. I would get my ass beat in by sometimes as many as 30 kids and the principal would only suspend me.

The big lie they always tell you: ’–go to a trusted adult.’ Well, what do you do if they aren’t any? Plenty of adults knew and laughed and snickered saying ‘boys will be boys’ being comatose, lying in pools of blood under my head was, after all, no cause for alarm. There was no one I could trust, my neighbors overall were A-holes or too cowardly to stand against their peers.

Who said: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke? Well, many people did nothing and evil triumphed.

No one cared and overwhelmingly no one cares today either; the truth is the world is rooting against you, particularly if you are a minority like people with disabilities are. People complain about racist stereotypes all the time but Hollywood is drowning in the “blackfacing” of the disabled from Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) to Cuba Gooding Jr (Radio) to that idiot that played Steven Hawkings. None of those roles went to the REAL minorities but instead to those who could PRETEND to have a disability. (or actors dressed in blackface or makeup to make whites look oriental- Imagine the outrage? Well, I am pissed off. I do not have a chip on my shoulder I have the entire damn bag.) As such this casting makes us even more invisible than we already are and to me, that is as racist as you can be. It only feeds the monsters of hate. Its a big party and we are NOT invited. One more item that proves that liberal Hollywood is a total lie from the advertising of guns to the promotion of alcohol and smoking. You can call crap gold all you want it is still crap.

If you are normal the cards are stacked against you, a minority more, as a disabled dude? Worse. We ARE attacked simply because of our status. The wheelchair is a target on my back. I have done the EXACT opposite of what most would think, I have gone out of my way to stand taller, walk straighter, hide my limp the fact that my arms don’t swing etc.

As a disabled person, you are MUCH better off to make yourself as invisible as possible. As you are hated. Everyone wants you to go down in flames.

As the famous basketball player Charles Barkley often like to refer to as the ‘Crab in The Barrel Syndrome.’ Meaning if you throw a bunch of crabs into a barbell and one begins to escape the others will reach up and suck their buddy back into their mutual prison to face a shared certain death– clearly saying: ‘hey if I can’t make it out, you sure as hell ain’t.’ “Normies” (the non-disabled) are the worst offends and most discriminatory as too much of their fragile self-value and self-esteem seems to be tied into other people failing and you NOT succeeding.

They accuse you of what THEY are guilty of themselves.

“Walkies” Do NOT want you in any way, on any level, to outperform them. If you do, THEY believe, they must be ‘trash’ if you are somehow perceived as ‘awesome.’ If you are ‘terrific’ what in Gods name does that make them? (this is NOT my belief it is the overwhelming majority of walkies faith whether they realize it or not.) Their collective egos are so fragile that any success you achieve is met with an insane level of jealousy. They act like they are infected with some brain eating, soul stealing virus and act in a way, that to me, is nothing short of sheer madness.

They conduct themselves and speak much like an evil Warner brothers version of Yosemity Sam. I am talking about openly ridiculing you, mocking your wheelchair, refusing to allow you to pass and being VERY willing to threaten or to use violence.

WTF are they jealous of realistically? BREAKING NEWS! IDK I much rather be able to RUN and RIDE my bike and be my true weight that would naturally come along with my once upon a time, normal activity level. If anyone should be jealous, it is me.

I spend most of my time lying in bed you bunch of dumb asses.

This world, never ever wants you to be yourself and even less so if you in a wheelchair. The world acts (particularly privileged white males by far whine complain and attack me the most- but are NOT the only ones) Like disabled people possess some sort of ‘disabled affirmative action.’ Like we get discounts on school or rent or groceries or some crap or dinners at local vegan restaurants. And I do BLAME the media for helping to promote this vicious cruel and completely inaccurate stenotype.

The reality is I have a love-hate relationship with my wheelchairs (but mostly its hate, love that it gives me some sort of opportunity to get around, hate that I am always eye level with the worlds’ crotch) I never wanted to use or be in one I see it as no badge of honor and find no advantage to it.

Anytime you want to trade your legs in for my ‘used set of wheels lets go.

In God’s little irony; these are the very same people, in gangs of sometimes as many as 30, that were constantly assaulting me in elementary school, having sustained repeated concussions from my head being slammed into the sidewalk or walls or metal doors has not been an advantage. )I know I said that already but I just enjoy saying it over and over again)

You MF-ERS made this Frankenstein that now offends you, how dam ironic is that?

(What a surprise. What? Should this be a shock to way too many people they BELIEVE it is.)

Any more then it was an advantage when I was left for dead in a hit and run back in 2000. Yup, it was people like them that put me into the position of being able to qualify for this perceived ‘special treatment.’ (perhaps you should consider jumping out of, say a 3 story building, and landing on your head so you can have ALL of the ‘great benefits’ I now possess? I dare you, go ahead.)

But this is the trash I have had to listen to for decades: yes I have been told: “at least you get to sit all day.” As if somehow I am adverse to standing or that I have not been a lifelong runner and bike rider. “You’re first in line at amusements parks.” Umm yeah ok I haven’t gone in 20 years as I have epilepsy and brain damage and all of those fun rides might just prove to be my last. Truth be told I’m scared to fly in a plane as it is too much pressure on my brain and I have had paralyzing stroke like seizures. And the good old “you get the best parking spots’ and told my chair is “not a throne so stop acting like a king.” as if these “advantages” compensate me for not being to walk (i don’t call what I do walking) running, riding a bike or being able to train people anymore. Oh and I adore falling down out of nowhere, cracking my skull, scarring my face, breaking my fingers, pissing on myself and randomly passing out and lapsing into unexpected unconsciousness.

( I am not Brent Kavanaugh)

Still, The world likes to break their hands in PDA over the disabled. Patting themselves on the back showing the entire world how they support the underdog. But don’t fall for it. As a system you are worse than expendable; you are in their way, a fly in the ointment. As the smallest minority in the country, we face discrimination every day. There are zero, yes zero advantages to being disabled

Being in a wheelchair SUCKS. (but MOST of you actually need me to tell you that)


But ‘boys will be boys’. (Just like the rapist apologists, you starting to sense a theme here?) As there is no shortage of self-professed “men” that want to fight me at the gym or in my neighborhood (if THAT’S not discrimination, what is?) Think my wheelchair deterred them? WRONG! There’s plenty of people that would love to wrap my chair around my neck and have told me as much. So the media, way before Trump, has done an excellent job distorting us disabled folks, their exhaustive campaign to prove that every one that claims workmen’s compensation is a fraud has been a menace in my life. Sadly, the real percentage of ‘fraud” is under 2% but their lies, distortions and outright propaganda have succeeded in creating this angry atmosphere against the disabled. Just like the media reporting on some folks using fake parking placard again putting the focus NOT on the COMPLETELY ABLED BODY PEOPLE that are the true fakers but making it seem like ALL disabled placard users are fraud. They made the DISABLED guilty NOT well folks, Nice job guys! Eugenics huh baby? Attack the minorities the other xenophobia, foreign, immigrants, drug addicts, the poor and the disabled (but you can trust the media right)

I can tell you I have fallen several times working at restaurants and even as a stock boy and NEVER once EVER claimed a single injury. (shit I didn’t even tell anyone. Too embarrassed) and somehow due to my poor balance you are now allowed to make railings that rip from walls flood my house with water and otherwise make a dangerous environment for me? That sounds fair, right? Well, he falls anyway?

Yet the media has anxiously and enthusiastically stoked the flames of this eugenics styled hate. (Have you EVER heard of EMPLOYERS being investigated for committing systematic fraud against those that TRULY are disabled? No, never, cause it never happens right? I would bet THAT type of employer fraud happens way more often then EMPLOYEE fraud.)

Imagine the report, ‘Susan has been wrongfully denied disability 7 times despite us secretly recording her using a wheelchair, limping and never leaving her bed and frequently lapsing into unconsciousness. She often is in so much pain her nanny released this video of her crying herself to sleep every night.’ Yeah right, you just WAIT for that report.


Think about it; Who pays for TV? Large corporations? Who has to pay the legitimate disability claims? Large corporations, maybe? Just spitballing here.

Those that need help are ALWAYS liars, cheaters, and thieves looking for the easy way out, just like those on welfare. (again a eugenics attack as they have always attacked the poor the ‘feeble-minded’ and the ‘lame’- look it up. Start With Oliver Wendell Holmes and Harry Laughlin) ) Or these BS news report how disabled people can ’–do anything–“ like some demented maxim SLYLY designed to remove sympathy for the afflicted. “See they can take their wheelchairs and row across the river in a specially designed boat.” Wow, what wonderment!

I SAY F YOU! (insert big middle finger here)

NO A-HOLE! It’s a nice extracurricular activity that the disabled can do for fun. It is no way makes us equal or level the playing field in the job market or in our homes or neighborhoods. ( Many of us can neither afford to rent or buy such a boat your legs are essentially free) No employer or apartment complex is going to give a crap you can row an F-ING boat! It gives you no extra job qualifications nor will your landlord, utility company, or grocer accept it as payment.

Just like the propaganda of ‘Differently abled?’ Like I can do what you can but I need to do it differently? To provide this false perception of equality to take rights from us. ‘See Jane overcame her paralysis! LOOK she can do it! Look at Jane go!”

Umm yeah BS, F YOU! I GOT NO LEG! No amount of positive new age thinking is going to make that girl’s leg grow back! ( I thought you Republicans did not believe in that crap? What happened? But of course you Democrats buy this happy go lucky– ‘differently abled’ trash.)

SO F OFF! Being in a hallucinatory state often passes for new aged ‘positive thinking.’

Again its all propaganda designed to desensitize you to the needs of the hurt, harmed, injured and the desperate. I am all for kicking ass but no amount of new aged thinking is going to allow you to jump off of a building and flap your arms successfully. So positive thinking must be rooted in reality, I admit its sometimes challenging to find the line but that doesn’t make it ok to be full of crap.

What’s my point? Yeah, fight, but do not be delusional. No amount of visualization is going to allow her (the girl with the missing leg) to RUN, (WITH a non-existent leg) but being committed might show her the way to travel better by HOPPING.


No one going to hire you just cause you can make a 2 foot hi jump in the Special Olympics. Please shut the F UP! ( And I 100 percent support the Special Olympics and Paralympics) these things are really to make NORMAL people feel better about themselves not to help the disabled or mentally challenged. I am not saying there are no benefits for us but I am saying the benefit is overwhelmingly for normal folks, not ours.

 Just like those airline stories of passengers using fake wheelchairs or having a fake cast or fake crutches, to get aboard first.

(Again it is NORMAL people GAMING the system, not the genuinely disabled)

Again creating this hostile hateful environment of the disabled having to prove that they really are in need. We say innocent till proven guilty but that is a lie. It is GUILTY till proven innocent.

If you think about: (it is worth repeating) it is WELL PEOPLE ‘normies,’ who are the liars and cheaters that are taking advantage that is exploiting folks and RULES and ironically not the disabled. So my advice to you hate and DISTRUST normal folks, not us.

Like any good minority, we are fakers and liars, lazy, cheaters, with all of the cards stacked in the deck our way. And we are supposed to blindly believe NEW AGE Bull Shit to make you normal folks feel better about yourself? Uh huh.

AS Ali SAID, “I DO NOT HAVE TO BE WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE–”. I do not want to be you.

Yeah, you can’t trademark that its mine. (the “I Don’t WANT TO BE YOU’, part) I once heard it said that the greatest act of defiance in this world is to be yourself–. As too many people do not have the courage to be who they really are as they are desperately afraid that the world will hate the real them so they conform, they bend, but me? I defy you, I stand in opposition to the naysayers of the world. You will not break me. Not yet anyway. (better wait till I’m dead, the better chance that way.)

Here’s what I’ve learned: if you are tougher than everyone you are met with the green-eyed monster and everyone around you acts political correct with the perfunctory PDA of ‘atta boy, atta girl’ but what they really want is for you to fall on your face-They “congratulate” you in public (sometimes) but it is REALLY a public display of affection to prove how good THEY are to EVERYBODY ELSE. How noble and fair THEY are. But they secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) can’t wait to go down in flames. Ever wonder why we love fail videos so much?

Sorry ‘heroes’ it has nothing TO DO with YOU.-for after all if you are a ‘winner’ they must be a ‘loser’, if you are ‘tough’ then they are ‘whimps’ it is NEVER that you are stronger or the exception, its that you are a liar.

You MUST be a LAIR cuz if you are NOT what are THEY? Well, I am going to run (if I can) lift as much as I can and DO all I can.

I will not be invalidated by you or FORCED to be a quitter because if, God forbid I achieve something that will NOT prove I am tough as nails but a fraud a thief and a liar.

Doctors, lawyers & judges, boy are you the frauds.