#52 Ranger-Core Resist There Are No Heroes Part 3 of 3 Unmasked

After Gaia Declares war on the false gods masquerading as superheroes on earth, she encounters the long-imprisoned Mr. X who has been forced on an inter-dimensional journey through the lost zone being forced to bare witness to a haunting execution of a homeless Black Vet by unrepentant police officers.

In the highly complex and richly layered ‘RANGER CORE RESISTS’. The very popular reboot of the sold out & banned mini-series we find ourselves at home- in a world where heroes fight to protect corporate banks money, jewels and diamonds stolen from poor African lands and the spat upon ‘lowly’ native; who stands up to the imperial colonial war machine & the true evil that racist corporate criminals do; the true evil of our world? And allow perpetual war, famine, and corporate greed rule the day. The Galactic Court has had enough of human indifference, crime & corruption by a revealed shadow government that has existed as long as the Knights Templar, Illuminati, Bilderbergs & The Masons; and under penal code CD: 1245000x we have been sentenced to extinction and reterraforming.