#53 Ranger-Core X Dead & Buried Part 1 of 2

The mysterious Mr. X astral projection has received a Psychic cry through the universal energy through quantum knowledge of a mentally ill homeless vet that is about to be shot down by the police.

In the highly complex and richly layered ‘RANGER CORE RESISTS’. The very popular reboot of the sold out & banned mini-series we find ourselves at home- in a world where heroes fight to protect corporate banks money, jewels and diamonds stolen from poor African lands and the spat upon ‘lowly’ native; who stands up to the imperial colonial war machine & the true evil that racist corporate criminals do; the true evil of our world? And allow perpetual war, famine, and corporate greed rule the day. The Galactic Court has had enough of human indifference, crime & corruption by a revealed shadow government that has existed as long as the Knights Templar, Illuminati, Bilderbergs & The Masons; and under penal code CD: 1245000x we have been sentenced to extinction and reterraforming.