MEN: WEAK FRIGHTED MISOGYNISTS (male ego & insecurity ruining the world)

Men are responsible for the overwhelming evil that has plagued the world whether they like it or not the fate of our planet currently lies in their stupid hands. HERE’S THE REAL REASON BOYS WONT PLAY W/GIRLS! (10 REASONS BOYS SUCK) But let’s get into it:

The world under the rule of men is a terrible place my evidence? The World. I’ll start of “slow” but it is at the ROOT of the ill of mankind –if you want to kill a weed pull it up by the root-of the problem, a evidence if you will of the larger systemic disorder but a very important and telling one.

And spare me the NOT all men are bad bs, so? The point is TOO many are; again use your eyes look at the Planet; I think overwhelmingly it is a disgusting place. And so far, the failed human experiment.



I do to say any of this lightly as some of my best Friends are men:

We needs a break though so I am looking for Jane Robinson: To end the hateful segregation of sports (Which can not help but spill into everyday life -I mean just look at how women are paid and look at their sex toy status.).

(You know JANE ROBINSON like Jackie Robinson the 1st black man to corr the color barrier where is the first celebrated female to FORMALLY cross the sex barrier. I for one am looking for you)

(1) They are so empty and violent they wish they had something that could be filled cuz their souls are so empty.)

Boyle Heights, CA, Feb 23, 2018:—You don’t like that we use minorities & natives in our books?–Don’t read it–if you want to see half dressed women- great, go away.


We are not here to entertain misogynists or racists or coconuts or Oreo cookies or self loathing females. And let’s be honest, the comic book world is filled with people who use women for sex to sell books.

(and that is reason 2) boys and men are VERY easily threatened and scared of everything. That’s why most gun owner are men, Real men do not need guns. They worship war and evil because girls scare them, love is dangerous for them, that is why many grown up to be whores. same reason boys hit girls in the school yard, (violence is how they express love).

The entertainment industry panders to the common belief system–the lowest common denominator. Women are still being paid less than men for the same job and the implied truth is; women are worth less. For us, the rights of women & minorities are of grave concern since it is prolific in our society. In no wide scale basis are girls allowed to play with boys in organized sports. and it bring us to reason 3 as to why boys hate girls.


(3) because girls playing sports are cute, till the boys start losing, boys have such an inferiority complex that they can not afford to let girls play with boys because if girls started winning, boys would be exposed for the frauds they really are.

Just as for many years, they kept minorities out of white sports, and they now keep women out of partnerships with men. It is the ultimate form of both real and physiological discrimination–for it is NOT merit based but penis based. It creates the atmosphere of the other and only serves to encourage this bizarre xenophobia realm that girls are different and women are the other. That somehow men are better than women.

This is ‘Jane Crow’ at its most dastardly–it is as effective as it is damaging. We PRETEND it is a performance based system, but where is the merit when you are AUTOMATICALLY excluding girls from playing with boys (or men with women) without even a tryout?


4) boys are too terrified to really test themselves and they prefer to have the game be “fixed” and if not fixed heavily slanted in their direction.

What is the subconscious message when you segregate sports between the sexes? Is this the new separate but equal? (or the old separate but equal?) We are telling society at large to stick it where the sun don’t shine–we do not bow down to your rules of racist, sexist indoctrination–no matter how systemic or endemic. I don’t care what is between your legs- if you can pitch, you can pitch. If you can’t, you don’t get in JUST because you are a man.

5) boys do not care about PROOF or evidence –no matter how much evidence you might show a boy why girls are as good or better than them their fragile egos can not and will not accept it.


As if somehow sports does not call for strategy. As if it only calls for brawn and brute strength. And I have to say,

When I was in high school, there was a girl who did not play on any team but beat the crap out of all the boys in one basketball game. Yes, even the boys on the basketball team. She routinely challenged BOYS THAT PLAYED ON OTHER HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS TO ONE on one and beat them. In fact she was UN- defeated. Did THAT Prove, that evidence mattered to boys? of course not. Nothing did, nothing could nothing will. Because boys and men are just stupid.

 Now, could she bench press more than the boys? I have no idea, but, maybe. Even if she could not, she beat them on the court where it mattered. But was she allowed on the team, despite being the BEST player by FAR in the school, why? The answer is no and why? Because she had a vagina.


Frankly, she should have been allowed on the team even if she was simply pretty good, (let say EQUAL to the WORST player on the team that would be fair and equal would it not?) but, no- the things with penises were too frightened that the girl they wanted to kiss could also kick their asses- showing that boys are weak–because there is such a thing as strength, not just in your biceps but also where it perhaps matters most, strength of heart and character.

6) TRUTHFULLY BOYS ARE TAUGHT TO HATE GIRLS, boys line up here girls here, I can’t tell you how many times I heard that “girls have cooties” all i knew is if girls had cooties I wanted to know where to get some.


The sad reality is that this is a country of misogynists and conservatives that hate their own mothers. Family values? Where? Boys can’t get girls so they molest them, they rape them, they sexually assault and manipulate them. Because while men MIGHT be stronger physically, they are much much weaker where it counts the most- their integrity.

Also is it strength alone I.e. what if a 135 pound man went against a 250 pound man how would that go? So say (in cases where its possible) a 135 pound women competes against a 135 pound man? I mean for crying out loud they do weight classes in MMA and boxing and weight lifting because we UNDERSTAND that weight is an advantage.

But no, the dicks fears girls.

7) Boy and men are cheaters, because that’s the only way they can win,

Women get paid 78 cents, black women- 64 cents Latin women- 54 cents. And the hatred starts in kindergarten. If girls are forbidden from taking a swing at the bat or voting –how the heck are you going to trust them to work with you? One action reinforces the other and exclusion IS absolutely the goal. From an early age it is inbred in us. “WAUGH, I don’t want to play with girls they got cooties!” (yes it is worth repeating) Jackie Robinson and the ‘mongrel race’ signaled the “end of baseball as we know it.“ What’s the problem now? Are we concerned that the next great threat comes from the ‘vaginal race‘? Screw this hidden racism that we hang onto with fragile male egos. And sadly, since women have been indoctrinated, you have convinced many women that the misogynist men are right. That is always part of dismantling a culture. By inflicting and indoctrinating the people you are taking with self-loathing and self-hatred.

8) simply boys are trash— their ego fear and insecurity drive them into mental illness;


Men are garbage. Where is my proof? Look at the world. It is a bag of endless violence topped off with pointless and mindless purists that will surely bring about our own extinction. But like the Scorpion who stings the Frog, that is just the way man is. He just cannot help himself.

Money is not the root of all evil; insecurity is. It is not greed that drives us to the brink of perpetual disasters, but this vile lack of self-confidence. More accurately vastly overblown egos. The hole (yeah, I said HOLE) idea is that I am better than you. My prediction is that ‘Jane Robinson’ will pose a far greater peril than Jackie ever did. So boys, you better be practicing your best Michael Jackson crotch grabs because soon you will be making the “EHH HEE” sound for a whole different reason–it is the rise of the women. And we are getting behind it and pushing it as hard as we can-

9) Boy hate their moms

I. for one. don’t hate my mother. What about you? Mom make their boys feel emotions which they interpret as weakness, mothers teach them love and caring which frightens them so I believe most boys, most men hate their Moms–they have brain washed into believing all form of love are weakness that’s also why they can not commit to a single women , yes it is biological but so is every other bad behaviors, here a simple things for you cave men, fing control yourself, get a God Damn grip, stop being a whore and take care of your families. And remember even a dog can screw,


10) we trick girls into liking boys when they do not deserve it I mostly blame Disney– and crap like theirs-

Worse, we lie to our kids with crap fairy tales–I hate fairy tales–

Find your prince? Eat Sh^%!

Or tell little girls to wait for your prince as the bad news is- -he’s not coming, save yourself.

What the hell is a prince anyway?- -Most princess inherited a kingdom by being tyrants, of serf and lords, of the poor working to serve and appease the rich as they are theoretically selected by God to be superior. They have absolutely robbed and exploited the poor to enrich themselves and THIS piece of garbage is what we tell our little girls to like? To want to love? I tell little girls–if you see a prince–kill him–you are much better off marrying the dragon anyway (slaying dragons is animal abuse anyway–isn’t it?)

And if you don’t kill the prince, for crying out loud, call the police and have the butcher arrested.

The crap we teach girls AND BOYS!

 We raise generation after generation of mindless,misogynistic, war-loving, rapist, mindless drones.

 And even more sickly, teach our little girls to love them.

Will it shock you to learn that we have (fully clothed) powerful female role models? You know, that they have clothes on? Or that they lead the way in our sold-out graphic novels?


Oh my god a book with PLENTY of dressed women that are minorities? Focusing on issues of social justice? Holy crap you need a brain and moral conscience to even understand the book (Oh well lost 90% of the population.) there is any winder that most of our readers are women, surprise they are the only ones smart enough to understand it. Most boys just sit around watching their pubes wondering what a thesaurus is.

Yes, we are the leader in the industry on many levels, environmental practices, support of women and minorities and the leaders in the cause of social justice (refusing to print overseas-with lower environmental standards & slave labor). Holy crap Batman we have something to say and we are not ashamed to say it.

Let everyone else be the apologist(s) we are proud of the fact we have something to say (and get punished for it by the industry-or you thought we were PC? You are funny. You claim you are tired of the way minorities and natives and women are portrayed?–Sick of the way that real social issues are glossed over?–Well prove it–put your money where your mouth is–after all talk is cheap).

As for girls? They are not second class citizens and they do not have cooties.\

In fact, unlike the rest of the industry we don’t have “Mommies issues” our women have clothes and are just the way we like them-bad ass to the bone. and we do not perpetually hate on the women that wouldn’t go out with us in high school or want to be seen at the prom with us–yes as most of the industry is littered with these tiny dicked losers.

We have the toughest ladies in the industry. Period.

Now go home and hug your Mom–and while you are at it–give her a raise–and a long sleeve shirt and bring her flowers if you want a date. stop grabbing her ass and threatening to fire her if she does not meet you at the hotel later.

Yes for crying out loud be a man, a REAL MAN. Do not be a cheater, you do not need a gun and start letting girls play sports and pay the SAME for the same job. Or more simply

 Would you really do this to YOUR MOM?



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