WHY MODELS ARE EVIL & bad for kids, girls & women DON’T BUY IN. (girls u r beautiful!)


Boyle Heights, CA Oct 18, 2014 & 2018: Or at least the rules for modeling need to be changed. Who says models need to be 5′ 10′ & weigh 112 lbs? A bunch of racist, prejudice rules designed to control us and create self hatred amongst women and boys. An industry that does nothing but encourage anorexia and bulimics and drug use. As even the perfect amongst us find it impossible to maintain perfection.

It meant to make girls insecure, insecure girls make desperate people and desperate people make good consumers and thats the object right buy our make up buy our clothes our shoes our hand bags cuz gosh without them you are just not good enough.

And why should dancers and ballerinas have to be of a certain size and shape? Again, fueling nothing but self destruction and self hatred. We have given up our power and allowed the few to rule the money because insecure people make good followers and by extension good capitalists.

Yes, they created “plus sized” models- great, but in the end who cares as they are simply nothing but a totally different category ASIDE for OTHER models-meaning simply there are NO PLUS sized models-but ONLY models-PERIOD!

I say girls (boys too) DON’T BUY MAKE UP! Its fake how you are you ever going to be happy wearing a liquid mask? you are lying, you are a fraud. Now I like the weirdo stars and rainbows on a ladies face I do sorry but I do. BUT its not a distortion ITS NOT hiding changing or altering who you are, its art its design. (though most make up is toxic and bad for the environment anyway-look it up)

BUT don’t listen to me, DON’T listen to them, don’t listen to anyone be yourself. Beauty is NOT how tall you are or the shape of your face or the size of your lips.

If you have lack hair DO NOT GO WHITE, then again wear it how you want to, again do not let anyone, not even me tell you what to do) I adore black hair though, I do.)

Remember makeup was designed to imitate sexual umm pleasure the reddened lips the cheeks being flushed please please reconsider. And besides F men anyway why please them what good have they ever done for this planet? its in sad shape and I for one blame them. After all they have been running things –leader gets the blame.

All of these images, like stupid reflection in the mirror, the ones peddle to us by those that wish to control us by making us all feel bad ugly inadequate — need to be smashed against the ground and eliminated forever-do not tell my little girls what beauty is or for that matter our little boys- DO NOT CALL MY KID UGLY-or tell them they are not good enough! We say hands off our kids-hands off with your closed minded hearts and souls–beauty is beauty. Get lost you bunch of racists, elitist, rich spoiled, pampered clothing and makeup designers that are overwhelmingly drowning in human right and environmental violations–because hate -even self hatred can only fuel and encourage more hate.

Next time you, ANY of our beautiful dancers go on an audition and they tell you are too short or too old-(or only have one leg THANKS SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE you creeps!) -call them what they are people folks that discriminate against age and height–an act which is no different then skin color or disability. Screw all of you that worship your narrow and abusive and hatred filled definition of beauty!


And while I’m at it— screw you #marvel & #dc etc for drawing your sexists misogynistic images, you irresponsible losers.

Screw all of you media moguls I am disgusting you would call anyone boy or girl UGLY!


Why Disney princesses and ‘princess culture’ are bad for girls

Jun 24, 2016 · Why Disney princesses and ‘princess culture’ are bad for girls. … prosocial role models is limited. … Subscribe to The Washington Post. Try 1 month for $1. opinions.
(THEY made it cause they are permanent commercials available to be bought or sold by any company. they did not make it cuz of talent but cuz they served capitalist propaganda of buy buy buy. In other words they are shills, they are plants.)
#7: Any cast member of Keeping Up With the Kardashians– ‘Nuff said. The fact that this fiasco is called a “reality show” is just laughable. The only reality worth noting is that there is nothing morally acceptable or admirable about anyone on this show (or its offshoots). Ask any fan why these people are famous and no one can give you a quality answer (for the record, it doesn’t take talent or vision to film a sex tape). In fact, the only one on the show who has even an ounce of credibility is Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. But they kicked him out after they realized that being married for a long period of time is “sooooo last month.”
Be you, love you, we do just as you are (even if you DONT buy our book- unlike them we do not want anything from you. Just be happy.)


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