#50 Ranger-Core Resist There Are No Heroes Part 1 of 3 Unto The Sea-0001

WE TAKE ON THE ISSUES OF equal rights & feminism -WE HAVE POWERFUL WOMEN HEROES THAT HAVE THEIR CLOTHES ON (OMG), we take on HUMAN TRAFFICKING, we fight for ANIMALS, we take on every conceivable issue that has to do with social injustice, including the most villainous of all, the 1%, they want to stop us, they have banned us and they despise us, THAT FOR IF THEY KNEW how we successfully self distribute THEY WOULD SHUT US DOWN.

We are NOT a charity but manage to give back at lest 25% of our proceeds to the world (this year we are just like #marvel as we are giving 100% of our proceeds. thanks #marvel!) if you are not a good corporate neighbor you are just a scumbag, so we do not want to be scum bags.

We are on social media but do NOT sell there, by the time our books come out they are already sold out. It is just a way to support our moral causes.

BTW, if you are #marvel #dc fan keep your blood money we do not want your corrupt evil money. In fact you are officially  FORBIDDEN you from buying our book. TAKE THAT!
PROPAGANDA–rejects money from racist & misogynist & those that worship violence

The hold but more importantly to our minds– but in the media–we believe there is a longing for the raw, unfettered, truth–and more over to end the ‘ingeniousness’ of self indulgent writers that believe what they create (which some could categorize as a manifestation of mental illness–) is somehow important or even relevant in its dominance.

We believe this is promoted by the media owners who do not wish viewers or readers to be engaged with truly stimulating content–instead preferring to put mind numbing idiopathic jargon throughout the populace of an overblown media nucleus–a critical thinking culture is NOT what they want.

This is censorship thru selection. Meaning; you do Not have to instruct your writers what to compose–you merely designate those that display no interest in creating anything to challenge the human spirit or intellect. It’s more a process of and avoiding those–AND refusing to engage–individuals that may well arouse the masses. Of course this process also applies to our soulless, thoughtless music and films-which. if in fact is not dead–then it certainly is on life support.

We are always concerned about whether our technology has been hacked all the while missing the dark reality that there is a war for our minds—-and perhaps now even your soul–Despite this, there are several technologies in development—-including SMG Technology & 5TH Dimension- and ULTRA VISION–which we believe will radically alter how publishers & artists alike will be able to create a tangible product or work.

We are asking all people that care to participate in the creative process-which makes us the first truly interactive comic book publishers. Where the reader is not simply forced to abstain or be forced fed what the publishers choose to emphasize. They can, instead, provide us with detailed information of subjects that they are concerned with. Of course all material submitted must become the property of New Universe Publishing in its entity in perpetuity in order for us to be able to publish it. There will be 5 finalists and the winner will receive $500 in cash and/or prizes.–including attending comic-con with us. Pushing buttons is Not real interaction–meaningful PARTICIPATION is and that’s what we openly and freely provide. More over we donate part of our proceeds back to the community to help further the causes of these issues. Our Good Neighbor policy-from print to action.

We further proudly make everything in the USA and only use suppliers that demonstrate that at least 80% of all work product is produced here. (we have not been able to find 100%) We are engaged in using sustainable energy such as wind, solar, recycled paper products, soy ink and work diligently to ensure that there is no lead in any or our products–Exceeding government safety guidelines. SO go to our face book page and website and highlight, support and participate, pass along the mission of civil justice and humanitarian causes. Feel free to pre-order a book with supplies that no longer exist. We will be attending COMIC CON 2016. Good luck to the participants. LIKE US & TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Remember humanity matters.

Members ONLY who have been provided with our special email & code can order our products unless otherwise stated. Checks, debit, credit card are accepted at this time.