Orwell has destroyed the world and in return we are lighting his books on fire. We are actually collecting them and sending the to our local recycling center. Not because we hate Orwell, no we love him, but the sick & twisted oligarchy have used his 1984 book to shape our future.  For that Matter SOYLENT GREEN, MINORITY REPORT and FAHRENHEIT 451 are also to blame for inspiring this sick bastards. The mad men seen Orwell’s nefarious machinations and instantly recognized it as the blue print for future of humanity. Don’t go back in time and wish you could kill Hitler– kill the evil Orwell and his accomplices instead. This demented soul has single handily shown the mind freaks how to enslave humanity and they have taken it seriously. .

It is not simply mass surveillance. They spit on you to remind you of the utter contempt they have for you every chance they get and like some victim of domestic violence we keep crawling back and making excuses for the abuser. Bottom line is you do not need to watch your friends you need to watch your enemies. those in authority see you as the enemy. It is a disgusting, delusional and paranoid but it is the sobering reality. The argument can be made that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. That the psychotics, the schizophrenics, the paranoid and the delusional are now running the show. And Orwell has lit the path for them. Like a man with a hammer they see everything in the world as a nail. And do not pardon the pun they are not going to stop until they nail you too.

The flavoring industry has acknowledge that they are using –baby, DNA to make your gum more flavorful; and your hamburgers get that extra special Homo sapien seasoning. IS there any irony in the fact that they have turned us into cannibals right under our noses? How does it feel to made into dog food?

Orwell knew the truth he said we would be watched–and we are watched and they told us if you have nothing to hide then it is ok. He said privacy would be the enemy and there would be double speak-truth is lies, pain is justice–and resistance was criminal. Soylent Green told us our food would be people and now flavoring corporations are using aborted Babies DNA to make our food “tasty”. The saying ‘Eat up kids’–or is that now literal? Eat up folks especially you Pro-Life cowards. You sucked ass on vaccines contaminated with aborted babies and you are sucking ass on big corporations using us as the latest citizen spice. I am pro life but you cowards that represent the movement have lost all credibility with me. I am ashamed of you.

Perhaps THE RANGER-CORE has written our own quatrains and they know it. You only attack that which you fear–its clear why we are burning their books–why are they burning ours?

Human beings have lost their value the State Department says that the average human slave is sold for $28 bucks –does that sound like a lot to you? But that’s the wrong question, isn’t it? The right one is; why does slavery still exist?

We trade human life because to the 1% we are a commodity. Human trafficking, Supply and demand baby–GMO’S? Big Brother? We take them on when every one else is terrified to. Is it any wonder why we are under attack? We punch that racist misogynist media and stomp on their souls–we have burned 1984 and endeavor to ban every copy of it from the world. That goes for SOYLENT GREEN, MINORITY REPORT and FAHRENHEIT 451 and any book that the mad men use as a model for our future.

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