These so called conservatives are not who they appear to be. They are the much spoken about wolves in sheep clothing and they are here to use your passions against you. THEY PEDDLE FEAR–WHILE PRETENDING TO BE BRAVE. When is being afraid of everything, brave? They fear immigrants, welfare, education, voting–gee, what are you brave conservatives NOT afraid of?

Cowards, if you ask me. All PEDO PUBLICANS are inherently self centered & evil. There is no compromising or negotiating with them no more then you can comprised with a serial killer, “I want to kill 888 women, ok how about 700 instead?” Nope can not be done they are inhuman savages that support slavery, poverty, no rights for women & the sex trafficking of children and have ZERO empathy for anyone but themselves..

They are the party of the chicken hearted. They hide behind euphemisms like ‘American values’ (which is code for let’s not innovate.) They are the party of the past and I am sad to report that the Democratic Party is closing in. When THEY ARE NOT BUSY COWERING IN THE CORNER–THEY ARE BUSY LYING–CONSERVATIVES EQUALS LYING COWARDS.

Have you been taken in?

Perhaps, conservatives are not all liars and not ALL cowards but it’s so close as to render the difference irrelevant. It is certainly well above a majority. To understand a rapist, you must learn to think like one— if you do not, you will never be able to protect yourself and your family against them.

Is rapist too strong a word?


People really do get raped, abused and injured and die due to their behavior–due to their lies. Every one of their ideas is designed to keep people riddle with and drowning in poverty, from immigration, abortion, minimum wage, environmental regulations, GMO’S, taxes to gun laws. If you are not a rich racist and you vote for a republican, you are a moron and a traitor to the human race.

We have to move away from feel good, new age resolutions and look at effectiveness. Stop trusting the guy at the end of the bar because he is telling you all the things that you want to hear.

Much like him, he just wants to ‘f’ you. None– ( you heard me–) of their ideas work.


Let’s take abortion –it’s simple, a certain amount of poverty SERVES the manipulator’s purposes. Why do you want to change what’s working for you? To them, the poor and disenfranchised are meat bags to be used and be taken advantage of for their OWN needs. That you get an ancillary benefit should make you call your own character into question. Not letting poor single teenagers get abortions is another feel good idea that sounds great in theory but in the end is nothing but abusive and counter productive–yes you ‘love’ the fetus but you hate babies–what the hell is that?

TO criminalize and further create an underground economy benefits the super wealthy (look at child slaver labor around the world.) It is less about “immigrants” then to so beat up and abuse people that you make them vulnerable to control manipulation. Yes its about parasitic racism, more so about eugenics, the Manifest Destiny mandate, but bottom line its about creating an environment so desperate people and children are easy to exploit. They are further grooming our society our culture, these powerful white men.

Pedopublicans like NO ONE BUT blue bloods, their own kind and YOU are not ONE of them! SO if you are a “TRUMPER” they are laughing at you, they do not care about you, you are a useful dildo to them.

They do NOT hate gays or love God they just want your vote.

I am NOT Defending Democrats as they are the ones that speaking nicer but do the same crap as their WWE counterparts.

But I WILL Say those PEOPLE that support the democrats are MUCH nicer kinder people,  They actually care about people and defend those that can not defend themselves–Republicans, conservatives They ONLY care IF it impacts THEIR own personal lives if not drop dead buddy!? Terrible horrible people.

I digress, Republicans like Barbies because they make the babies, that can grow up and fight for their wars (That they are much too scared to fight themselves ), and love GI Joe to go get them the gold and oil (and of course get Barbie pregnant.

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That is why they oppose abortion and contraceptives, well now you know there is no contradiction.

Republicans are scum. But so are dems.

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