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That’s the real goal?–(for those in power) distraction– They could care less about gay marriage–but they distract you and you all fall for it.

Freaking puppets. They do no care about who is having sex with who in whose bedroom. But they KNOW YOU do (sex sells right baby–and boy are they selling and worse YOU are buying.)


EQUALITY of wealth is the problem–can you imagine a room full of billionaires arguing amongst themselves who is going to clean the toilet or change the dirty diaper or pick the strawberries? To me, it is farcical–and if you believe they want to get their 24 karat gold hands dirty, you are nuts.

You are their bitch, you are on THEIR planet, as far as they are concerned YOU were born to serve THEM!

They are people that KNOW YOU are trash. You are NOT equal, but were born to toil and slave for their benefit. They talk about ‘new money’ and ‘old money” –they operate in a world that you have little to no understanding of. They have rich, white man’s psychosis. Two parts greed mixed with three parts fear. ( I am not talking about rich people in general I am specifically talking about these ELITE RICH that thinks their poo is perfume. So YOU get YOUR story straight.)


Resulting in, at BEST, that they are the party of the sub par, substandard organization. Determined to serve mediocrity for America, FOR THE WORLD.

If you want to be manipulated, boy are they the party for you. Are Democrats good?–No.. It just Republicans suck more–MUCH MORE. MAYBE. Not to mention, they whine about everything and throw a temper tantrum when their rich spoiled friends do not get their way-the party of the weak, spoiled brats. For them, it is not problems to be solved or challenges to be met–it is that everything is to fear and there is a boogie man around EVERY but EVERY corner (and God made all the candy for them). SEX and fear baby–good formula right?

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Scaredy cats. Cowards. BOO! Did you get scared? Do you need a hug?

Would you guys like to outlaw writers being able to say “BOO!” In caps on random blogs?

I bet you do.

After all, they are built on the suppression of others. It is the natural growth and extension of indentured servitude and slavery–I could care less that it is Slavery 2.0 or you are using some other petty or pretty euphemism. Minimum wage equals maximum slave.

To have real power, to have real control— this system DEMANDS uneducated, poor, crime ridden neighborhoods that people want to escape from and the military is a good alternative in the face of such blight.


The powers that be have zero incentive to fix these problems and every motive to have us at each others’ throats. They want to peddle their feel good, new age solutions, that sound strong but are fraught with weakness and indecencies. These manipulators like to pretend they care about the military (it’s part of the strategy) but they do not–every chance they get, as under ‘Resident Bush’ they rolled back their salaries by over 30 %. This recent spending bill just passed denies military families millions in dollars worth in food benefits-yeah, but they love them right? Love is not words, it is action.

Even Winnie the Pooh knew that.


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