From schools sucking to poor medical treatment in this country–there is no plot –

To the bad food you eat and the resurgence of tobacco smoking in the form of e-cigarettes- -there is no conspiracy-

From the garbage that is allowed to be feed to you in this country–there is no scheme- -the answer to all of these questions the issue is simple they couldn’t care less about you–you are the fodder the meat bags the pigs that only deserve to be feed slop and get inferior medical care and inferior medicine because you as a meat bag–as an indentured servants–as a slave deserve what?

That a few good people sneak into the system and do care does not prove anything more then a few good people snuck into the system.

I don’t care if you THINK you are a Republican or a Democrat you are not being hear how they talk about you pieces of garbage that infest and occupy their world. represented. You are not a blue blood nor were you born to aristocracy. I have worked with the super wealthy and you should

And they get you good do they not they always teach us to hate ourselves and teach us to hate our Freinds and neighbors and to see them as a threat, scummy but brilliant, we fight welfare receipts but even FRONTLINE report we are missing 11 Trillion Dollars another report says 21 Trillion (that’s ADDITIONAL missing money) But you keep fighting over the 2 bucks a meal welfare folks are getting! GO GET EM TIGER!!!

You piles of filthy animals that deserve even less then they give you. You should count yourself lucky. Just like members of the KKK are perceived to EQUALLY hating every African American–they broad brush you as well. Look at what you drive, look at what you earn, look at who your parents are?

The system is not rigged it is run by a group of people that hate and despise you and are generally just not that into you. If this was dating you would be classified as a victim of domestic violence ( a term more appropriate then you might even realize) Domestic violence is far more dangerous then any terrorist. Everyone but everyone would ask you why do you keep going back?

Why do you accept something worse then hate- -isn’t the that the OPPOSITE of love. You love your country but does your country love you back?

Ask a veteran. No, sorry, ask every single Veteran and find out, as a whole, how do they feel? Love the soldier but hate the war? No, I feel sorry for our soldiers and think they need help–but I do not support the violence they take part in. So I do not support our troops but I will help them. (I bet a lot of you have no idea what I am saying)

Your bridges are falling your streets are crumbling-are kids are dumber, poor and will not live us as long as their parents nor as be as financially secures-why is that incompetence? Really you believe that?

What’s the dirty secret about abortion? Whether it is legal or not there is plenty of DNA matter for the corporations that want it- whether thru back alleys or the dead body mill inadvertently created by ROE VS. WADE.

Suicide being against the law–having to get birth certificates ( receiving your mark and them taking your mark ( you know foot prints and hand prints–) it not to protect babies against kidnapping the percentage of such events are so low to being close to non existence- Bad things are always disguised as being good for you.

Does everyone hate you? Of course not. But you don’t need everyone along the command chain to know what the mission is you just need good soldiers that follow orders.

How many of you–KNOW your employers is doing something wrong? And what exactly have you done about it?

Please-99% of people are not going to jeopardize their positions at work. Just like you wont. My point is, if you didn’t get it already–not everyone needs to be part of the plan, or know the plan to participate.

We all have roles that we fulfill and play our part as the cog in the machine.


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