IT never ended we are in every country everywhere Seymour Hersh said we are in 79 conflicts as of 2018 world wide.

Simply it is a white world for white people with the Untied States at the head, I have no time for the euphemism so many histories and flat out lairs like to use.

We believed, and many politicians said so white are managing the world so it should be there’s.

  • The special virtues of the American people and their institutions
  • The mission of the United States to redeem and remake the west in the image of America
  • An irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty
  • That GOD has wished *ordained that the USA TO RULE (YES RULE) THE WORLD

Manifest Destiny, Continued: McKinleyo

In 1899 Americans divided sharply over whether to annex the Philippines. Annexationists and anti-annexationists, despite their differences, generally agreed that the U.S. needed opportunities for commercial expansion but disagreed over how to achieve that goal. Few believed that the Philippines themselves offered a crucial commercial advantage to the U.S., but many saw them as a crucial way station to Asia. “Had we no interests in China,” noted one advocate of annexation, “the possession of the Philippines would be meaningless.” In the Paris Peace negotiations, President William McKinley demanded the Philippines to avoid giving them back to Spain or allowing a third power to take them. One explanation of his reasoning came from this report of a delegation of Methodist church leaders. The emphasis on McKinley’s religious inspiration for his imperialist commitments may have been colored by the religious beliefs of General James Rusling. But Rusling’s account of the islands, falling unbidden on the U.S., and the arguments for taking the islands reflect McKinley’s official correspondence on the topic. McKinley disingenuously disavowed the U.S. military action that brought the Philippines under U.S. control, and acknowledged, directly and indirectly, the equally powerful forces of racism, nationalism, and especially commercialism, that shaped American actions.

Small example of how it works even at “HOME”   While Mexico was at war with Spain, thousands of white colonists, cattleman, adventures, and mercenaries, were coming from other parts of North America that had been already invaded and occupied looking for land and gold they could find and obtain “by any means.” These mercenaries fixed their eyes and interest in what is today “Texas,” placed themselves in land plots, and later enlarged their population so that by 1835 there were more white foreigners than native Mexicans in the area.  In 1836 the white foreigners occupied most of the territory by force, declared “independence” and called the stolen lands “Republic of Texas.” This bandit’s act caused the war between Mexico and the United States for the first time until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between the two countries on February 2, 1848. Mexico lost the land the whites called “Texas” but subsequently the rest of the Northern territories which eventually became part of the whole mass land known today as the US “Southwest.”

Heres how white Americans feel about it (too many anyways)

Daniel says:

Fuck you and your Mexican buchers
who killed many Indians and whites.
Just to let you know ass hole you do not spell the word steal, stell .
Long live America the Greater USA is not done expanding . All of Mexico will be part of the USA very soon either through the ballot box or through WAR.
God bless AMERICA.

The German Friedrich Ratzel in his book “Lebensraum,” 1901, wrote of an impersonal, Darwinist ‘survival of the fittest’ struggle for existence among human beings. In considering the near extinction of Native American Indigenous peoples by Euro-American conquerors he saw in this a model for German racial expansion, conquest and extermination in the eastern lands of Europe. Ratzel wanted Germany to emulate the American model of aggressive conquest of all indigenous peoples that stood in Germany’s path of acquiring ‘living space’ in the East for her ever expanding ‘pure white Germanic race’, and so recommended aggressive war of acquisition and conquest which “quickly and completely displace the inhabitants, for which North America, Southern Brazil, Tasmania, and New Zealand provide the best examples.” Then, following these models, settler colonies could quickly be founded with a German yeomanry farmer class protected by forts and military units. It was upon this basis that Adolf Hitler formed Germany’s policy of aggressive acquisition & conquest in the East of Europe & Russia. In Nazi propaganda film and newspaper photographs of the Nazi colonisation of Eastern Europe German wagons rolling East were shown in conscious echo of images derived from Hollywood Western films celebrating Manifest Destiny and the conquest of the American West.



Adolf Hitler himself saw in the American conquest of the West a model for Germany’s conquest of the East to achieve her divine right of “Lebensraum” there. In “Mein Kampf” Hitler sees the American expansion into the West as an expression of white Anglo-Saxon Germanic racial superiority. Hitler commends these American settlers for keeping their Germanic blood pure by not intermarrying with Native peoples, and drew from it his own version of Manifest Destiny where German blood has the divine right to conquer land inhabited by “untermensch”, who are not to be considered human beings by the Germanic conqueror but are to be mercilessly starved, slaughtered and for all intents and purposes made extinct for the purposes of “Lebensraum” for the “pure white race” of the Greater German Reich.

American National Socialists know what “Manifest Destiny” means. The Klu Klux Klan will know. And the Native Americans know what it means. Genocide. Genocide of the Native American people.

(ill post more later) but the USA is now in every country in the world, this is no longer planet Earth it is VERY much planet America.

The real conquest was on paper, on maps and in laws. What those
maps showed and those laws said was that Indians had been “conquered”
merely by being “discovered.” As put by Supreme Court Chief Justice John
Marshall in the famous case of Johnson v. McIntosh, “[h]owever extravagant
the pretension of converting the discovery of an inhabited country into
conquest may appear, if the principle has been asserted in the first
instance … if a country has been acquired and held under it; … it
becomes the law of the land, and cannot be questioned.”

How is it that in 1823 when Johnson v. McIntosh was written, a time when
less than one-quarter to one-third of the United States was settled and
hundreds of Indian nations lived free and independent, the Discovery
Doctrine was already so firmly entrenched in the western legal tradition
that Marshall was merely applying it, not inventing it?

The answer is because the land of Canaan was inhabited.


‘Because the Bible tells me so’: Manifest Destiny and American Indians

The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those
who have a different complexion or slightly fatter noses than ourselves, is
not a pretty thing when you look into it too much. What redeems it is the
idea only. An idea at the back of it; not a sentimental pretense but an
idea; and an unselfish belief in the idea – something you can set up, and
bow down before.

and all of this has opened the WORLD to be taken over and so far we are doing an amazing job,

why THIS ARTICLE? We can not fix what we do not understand. And the truth is most folks do not get it.

Many folks, blue bloods buy into this an it drives them BUSH, OBAMA, CLINTON, makes no difference they are NOT US we are NOT them.

If you keep engaging in the 2 party #WWE we will never break free vote 3rd 4th & 5th party, make a new one.

Vote even if it doesn’t count it expose THEM in a way they can no longer hide and they DO NOT wish their secrets to be known.

You will force change by engaging, So engage.

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