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WE WANT PEACE? NO, WE ARE LIARS we are dismantling nihilists that worship at the altar of doom that makes Thanos look sensible. We cultivate & nurture fury, rage, death, murder, and hate in our songs, video games, TV shows & Movies and feign amazement when Karma comes to sneerily visit upon us. Humans make the counterfeit assertion that we are ‘good Christians’ when all of our media propagates is the devil’s butchery and brutality worse the fraudulent leader of our churches like Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen cheers on Satan. (remember “nice” & “civility” simply codes words for the spineless human that won’t address any issues of meaning. Imagine being civil with a serial killer as he holds you captive, yes tell yourself it will work I’ll start inscribing your tombstone now. Isn’t the goal really for the murders is to make the sheep more docile and easier to lead to slaughter?) I do NOT see them as religious extremist I see them as agents of the monarchy posing as men of the cloth) We compound their satanic lies by proclaiming there are a liberal & conservative media when in reality there are ONLY a singular corporate media, our ministry of Orwellian Hoax manifested, that manipulates us by deploying brainwashing strategies that prey upon our individual fears and agendas. Propaganda ala carte or if you wish whatever motivates you to do what the oligarchy wants. The story of Pinocchio is NOT a metaphor for a boy who wants to be a REAL kid but rather one that tells us we are all really PUPPETS and ONLY he succeeded in cutting his strings. We, alas are all still puppets pretending to be real, to be truth tellers and most of all telling ourselves the outright fiction that we are all free.

The oligarchy made us their bitches again: We are as fake as them and as guilty as them. Like we are so stupid as not to understand that when we see more commercials for a particular politician or proposition we can NOT even discern that the one with THE most commercials is the rich liars manipulating us? Fools. We are so stupid, ignorant and brainwashed we can not even figure out to vote the OPPOSITE of whatever you see the most of on that flashing, blinking MKULTRA MATRIX tube- F-ing dumb asses. But you don’t buy ‘fake news’ huh? You know what? you won’t hear this a lot, especially NOT from someone that WANTS you to BUY something, you procured it, enjoy your whipping feeble-minded simpleton. I can not think of a group of sheep that deserve it more than you. BAHH!) I believe it was Malcolm X who said that: “If you don’t want people riding on your back don’t bend over.” And you folks are completely genuflected on a floor of your own feces.

More than anything we love to hate and the blue-blooded bureaucracy effectively prostitutes our communal vassal pseudo-intellectualism and worse our plastic phony pseudo-morality. God? Most of these folks postulating religion are flat out fakes, snake oil salesmen at their finest but you are so mentally deficient you can’t even figure out that you have been taken, you have been hoodwinked and sold down the river. Quackery of the cross. As long as we continue to suffuse in every GI JOE loving male kid’s brain (and now females, yaa equality!) that sanctioned murder is the answer to even a single human problem, mass shootings, and mass casualties events have zero chance of ending. And we deserve it. (Yeah but just make sure to praise Jesus as you blow the brains out of little brown girls that cannot speak The Lord’s language of English)

BUT DON’T YOU DARE, NONE OF YOU, CRY AT ANY ONE’S FUNERAL! You are not entitled to one iota of grief. Your mourning is their mockery and your self-deceit is their shame. You have earned your suffering, now Wallow in it you pig. Counterfeit liberal Hollywood is the proverbial Devil in Angels Halo, and I would submit non-existent– has much closer to a conservative agenda instead, but MUCH more importantly (and dastardly) one that reinforces the eugenics manifest destiny mission.

Solve problems by shooting, killing –Death- and lots of it is the order of the day– smoking and drinking (both raise your estrogen level and give you male breasts) are ‘prizes’ and ‘rewards’ for a hard-fought battle or a sad day at the office (sounds like a punishment to me but choose your poison), and being white is the blessing and par for the course, eating health food is weird (taking care of your health is so so stupid), consuming candy and sugar and junk is cool (especially if you throw it in a blender, so it makes you fat gives you heart disease and feeds cancer) and awesome and gains you acceptance, be mean to girls (they suck anyway and all are whores), boys are tough (and aren’t allowed to feel it gets in the way of all the killing and bomb dropping), capitalism and greed makes you a man (and makes you pay 24% interests on your credit cards) . Breaking the laws is justified if you are shooting and killing those that the authorities designate as the ‘bad guys’ or are deemed by the authorities as ‘the enemy of the state’ (almost no villain ever goes to jail or goes on trial and IF they go through our legal system its for whimps as “judges/Juries’ are too lenient and gets them off so they can kill again) But remember boys; girls are rewards for violent heroes (with their cigarettes, alcohol, lard, and dead animal flesh often in the form of pizza. After all what is the value of your health or morality as that would require thinking– and it would appear heroes don’t think as thinking is just not cool (and is apparently for ass holes), they have no time to consider such “sophisticated’ issues as animal rights, global warming, poverty or women’s issues or heart attacks. Nope, cavemen with guns have the capes and apparently get laid a lot. (YAHH! “Liberal” pro-gun, pro-war anti-health Hollywood!)

The next time you want to blame the ‘guilty NRA, politicians, Veterans Associations and other usual suspects first look in the mirror PAL and PAUSE there for a good long time and have the balls or uterus to ask; ‘where do YOU give your money?’ How many garbage evil programs do you watch on TV that provides funding to the ones that also own the war machinery (those that own media companies ALSO own weapons makers what a delicious coincidence) How much of your slave wages goes to paying for the dropping bombs on little brown kids? (ALI COME BACK WE NEED YOU! Everyone’s balls/ uterus have shriveled since the 1960’s) How much money do you give to chocolate manufactures that are knee deep in the trafficking of children of your cell phones, computers or tablets and your Lord’s F-ing Christmas and scum bag Halloween candy? (Jesus would be the first to take those factories out) By watching TV. Movies and support fake mass media and by extension you are Directly giving money to those that make GMOs, crap burgers (that create kidney disease and diabetes and then they turn around and sell us the cure of dialysis machines and insulin all the while employing the most malignant methods of price gouging) and make the bombs that Christianly promoting the killing of our fellow humans. Proving that Osteen and Roberts and Huckabee ARE the Devil in disguise, beware the holy man kids. So if you do not like the taste of blood put down your plastic global warming producing petroleum made straws.

Face it religious people; Jesus hates you. (yes I know hate the sin but not the sinner Well than he DESPISES your voluminous never-ending sins) War Crusades are NOT blessed by God. But honestly, I DO Believe Christ hates you. Do not expect us to kiss your ass or pull punches in our stories, We won’t. But we promise to buy all of you imaginary diapers for those that read our shit and rightfully crap in their pants, Warning MARVEL readers you are in over your (TINY TINY ignorant) collective heads. DO NOT BUY US! You’ve been warned. (PS TISSUES ARE NOT INCLUDED EITHER WIPE YOUR TEARS ON YOUR SLEEVE, bitches. (yes boys can be bitches too)