100 million men women & mostly children were butchered for greed by a group of REDNECK serial killers pedophiles & white rapists.  Change your racist name you gutless cowards–as REDSKINS MEANS Scalped Head of a Native American, Sold, Like a Pelt, for Cash, How about Washington Honkies? RED NECKS? I personally love Washington PaleFaces (and screw you Kevin Hart by the way for saying it is a name of affection)

I Mean imagine the Washington N’S? Mr, Hart!



“The State reward for dead Indians has been increased to $200 for every r*d-skin sent to Purgatory. This sum is more than the dead bodies of all the Indians east of the Red River are worth.”

WOW even this ONE reference alone clearly makes the use of this slur racist.

I am sick of the stupid racist comments & pathetic defenses of this utter garbage. Black people CAN use the “N” word, I can’t. It is the ONLY reason that term remains. (which I think is alot of brains being manipulated to keep the term alive and kicking  because if “they” use it, it must have some MERIT, RIGHT? For me, it’s just another white man manipulation to mentally and emotionally hold another person of color down.It is, after all, a slave term as best as I can discover. “In the colonial America of 1619, John Rolfe used negars in describing the African slaves shipped to the Virginia colony.[3



“No matter what its origins, by the early 1800s, it was firmly established as a derogative name. In the 21st century, it remains a principal term of White racism,’


“The term n*gger is now probably the most offensive word in English. It’s degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years, although it has been used in a derogatory manner since at least the Revolutionary War.”


You are free to do as you wish but there is no doubt in my mind it is a destructive negative word that buys into the whole white man, white power structure as does the oligarchy commits by tricking you into calling your beautiful and powerful women B*tches & H*s.

Imagine a major sport team being called “THE N*GGERS”?(BTW I tried  eliminating using the words as much as I possibly thought I could)

“–in the same sense that n*gger originated as meaning nothing more than “black-skinned”, r*dskin also took on an increasingly negative meaning.[12]”



Exactly, didn’t START out that way perhaps but what is it NOW? That’s the right question.

So we can now align it with EQUAL disgust as the “N” word.


To me, it is as simple as if people are offended by the Name, don’t use it. If folks offended by their team being named “CANDY” change the name, who cares? The team, supposedly, belongs to the people and is supposed to be fun, even if they pay little to no taxes and are constantly asking us for bond money to pay for their stadiums. Even if the sport causes as much damage as a modern day sanitized version of the roman coliseum.

It is just more of rich man VS poor man getting us to sacrifice our bodies for their pleasure and to line their pockets. Think of colleges that make millions from their players while giving them an education that should be free in the first place. Lets be honest, colleges are nothing more than a training ground for the NFL, these kids are used and abused and who cares? Give me, give me, mine… mine… mine… and who cares about you?

So in that sense, are these folks naming a sports team in a very derogatory term, a surprise? Nope, not a surprise, but STILL unacceptable.


It does leave one to question we get why so many people are offended by it, by why in Gods (or in anybody’s name for that matter) are they so ATTACHED to it? It seems weird & demented, cruel & abusive and further in NEED of some serious psycho analysis.  Why, oh why, do THEY value the name THAT much? It is beyond my comprehension but then again I am not a psychiatrist.

Our stance on being environmentally responsible, unlike them, refusing to use lead & PVC in the making of any toys, t-shirts, magazines etc or using slave labor or having brown colored people being exploited for their own profit does not make us any more likable with them (a practice which would slash our costs over 60% & increase our profits just as much).

(Ahh what does this have to do with anything? Everything it is the SAME Colonial mindset that committed Genocide with the natives that permeates everything else about this sick capitalist winner take all disease. Words make ACTIONS justifiable, there is no behavior that comes BEFORE a belief, to change our conduct we must change the words we say.

Also if we are as kissing boy ass kissing is expensive and has barred us from every comic con and every comic shop but so be it if that is the cost of doing the right thing.)

But that’s me, Mr. Hart, Washintgon & The NFL. For you, it must be to realize that the use of this spiteful, sick and demented word is analogous to calling the new LA football team “THE LOS ANGELES N*GGERS”—Yup, now imagine that?

Who the hell would put up with that Mr. Hart, or the NFL or Washington or African Americans? I don’t believe you, not for a fraction of a second. Everyone would be as angry as they could possibly be and it would NEVER stand, not for a moment, nor should it.

Have some dignity, have some class, we have abused these beautiful, brutally oppressed people for way too long and it is high time we start building bridges and have the guts and the moral courage to apologize. I was wrong and you are wrong.

Mr. Trump is incorrect pretending NOT saying sorry shows strength and doesn’t show humanity, doesn’t take courage and doesn’t show dignity–and more simply doesn’t show a conscience. It’s ok to make mistakes-(I am incredibly embarrassed at my own-and should be) but say you’re sorry, take action, fix it, make amends. For crying out loud, as Spike Lee said; “ Do the right thing.”


Now Washington & Kevin Hart its YOUR MOVE.

And ask yourself why is it SO (SO being the operative word)important to hang onto such a disgusting racist evil term?

Imagine doing a nation wide search for a new name? Think of the good will, think of the publicity. It’s a winner.

Moral high ground and increased revenue.

Till then I will ONLY refer to Washington as the RED NECKS or when I am in the mood the Washington Pale Faces.


I guess Mr. Hart has much in common with Mr. Kanye White, both support oppression but try to pretend they are “free thinkers.”


I for one am ashamed of BOTH of you.







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