MARVEL DOESN’T LIKE US, why should you? (we tell the TRUTH they get mad)


August 12, 2016 & 2018 Boyle Heights, CA: Corporations, in fulfilling their role of Judas goat, continue to defecate entertainment, leading our world to its intended goal of selective breeding & perpetuating the American cast system. Established through abdication or conspiracy but without any capacity for self-reflection nor accountability, these automatons lure the human lemmings over the precipice of a dire corporate nihilism. Our future is in peril. Instead of accepting responsibility, we are spurned by industry. Addressing social injustice is anything but PC & is even suicidal. The entertainment industry taboo is to take on anything of meaning. Mindless, soulless & moral cowardice is the creators’ marching orders.

The story of RANGER-CORE is that our planet has been sentenced for its brutal & diseased behavior. A power greater than our egos judged that EARTH and its incessant cruelty must be brought to an end. It’s a self-reflective exposé on what it means to be human and an unflinching verdict of the psychotic transgressions we have committed against this planet & each other. RANGER-CORE acknowledges that humans are the ominous evil of the Milky Way Galaxy. The single greatest question of our time has been failed to be asked let alone answered. What, after all, is the goal of our existence? We have explored this serious question and can find no discernible answer. Our world leaders provide us with no vision for the future and no direction or long-term hope for humanity.



The ruling class deliberately keeps the public anesthetized and distracted from the doom that is about to befall them. To solve this crisis, it must be acknowledged that the sky is indeed falling. We are challenging convention, re-framing the conversation and demanding that people look at the world from a sweeping universal paradigm; instead of this self-indulgent; self-destructive mediocrity. We allege that entertainment is a more dangerous narcotic than any drug lulling people into a virtual reality that by absolute definition simply does not exist. Our lies & manufactured realities are destroying us- as are they not simply another form of denial? It is, indeed, shadow thinking–the illusion of form and shape without function nor purpose nor tangibility.


“People hate the Ranger-Core,” says 14 yr old GRAPHIC NOVEL creator, Aeylias Lopez. “Because people hate the truth, reality has become so frightening that we prefer the comfort of a mock reality built inside the matrix. They’re accustomed to the media spoon feeding them intellectual junk food –prepackaging thoughts for forced consummation,” he added. They excel at creating the illusion of choice—offering a grab bag filled with manipulative selections. The choice between 32 flavors of ice cream or the color of your car is not freedom. The agenda is simple; Control thoughts and you rule man. Behavior, without reason, has no form, and therefore no power, you must first shape the ‘thought agenda’ before enacting the real strategy. Most entertainment is nothing more than intellectual and emotional masturbation. It is, in fact, pseudo-INTELLECTUAL smut. Thoughts and emotions with no other intent than distraction. IF you are thinking without any purpose, other than to create sounds strung together into a pattern, how else could one define it? It is designed to elicit a physical/emotional response in the absence of any other meaning; just as masturbation is a simulated sexual experience and not a real one. Pornography glorifies sex as amusement, as mindless theater salutes societies’ fetish with vapidness & preoccupation for its own sake. To create false experiences & counterfeit realities is the cruelest activity one could inflict upon the human mind & the human spirit as by nature, by intent, we crave meaning.


It is an enterprise that steals our hearts, our souls & our spirits and are using it contrary to our benefit. Entertainment is NOT harmless, it is indeed abuse. They say thoughts don’t matter but, yet, we have billions spent on commercials, political debates, elections & endless speeches. It clearly hearkens back to their true intent as did the Roman Coliseum. It is one of the singularly crudest forms of distraction and preoccupation for the masses. Or more simply, mental, emotional & spiritual crowd control. RANGER-CORE has entered into the fray of the thought war as we bring issues of social injustice to the table about subject matters & conversations no one else has the courage to take on.

Our stories are critical because they do not just engage us but force us to take focus under the microscope of self-examination to better help us understand who we are and where we are going as citizens of Earth. It’s not about junk food for the mind & your emotions, it’s about having the important conversations that are critically linked to our survival–and what could be more important than that?

If you prefer mindless drudge, there’s plenty of that–sorry we just do not know how to write about nothing, nor are we here to distract you you can call the cowardice as that is what “escapism” is or you call it ‘FACISIM’ cuz we better face up to whats happening in this world before we all owe an apology to Jor-el.