ENTERTAINMENT: SOUL PORNOGRAPHY (fake MATRIX experiences enslave us all)


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Boyle Heights, C A : 2018 Resistance Comic dares readers to break their sheep programming.

  1. If you only look for ”ESCAPISM ” has become a religious word so profound that to defy its dogma is a sin so esoteric that it transcends God & Jesus Christ himself. Even managing to send shudders through the world’s most popular billionaire.
  2. if they got Oprah they can get you too (yeah me too) The mighty Oprah groveled on a recent Television show–Yes, { tell-a-vision–it tells you what to think) interview on the Dr . Oz Show, saying that ”SELMA” was made to ”entertain”, She was programmed to be embarrassed that her film might just have something to say. She KNEW that the brain washing had reached the masses and felt forced to address all of you biological drones that believe everything should be fun and tickle your tiny cute little partially tanned tummies.
  3. They make our lives are so mired in sadness and despair that you require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of non-stop euphoria. (MATRIX anyone? Or was that the Roman Empire that loved to use spectacle as distraction?) How about if you hate your life so much–change it? Rather then sinking even deeper into a world of virtual self medication or dare I say, electronic narcotics addiction?

4. You need to know that TV’S (all electronic devices) emitted the same brain wave patterns as does the human mind in sleep THEATA state? Yes, they are now programming your dreams. The term “Escapism” is just intellectual and moral cowardice in disguise. And you have been indoctrinated. The media has been hijacked by those that want to control you. The first rule of overcoming addiction is to admit that you are.

5-Really explore and admit in realizing you are not in control, that NO ONE IS.


How does It feel to be a puppet?

It was not meant to be an educational manual but to sick depraved and insecure minds of those in power 1984, SOYLENT GREEN, BRAVE NEW WORLD were the MIEN KAMPF offered the modern industrialist the path to power. So they have the means to enforce the plan. If I was you I would burn every book from FAHRENHEIT 451 To MINORITY REPORT. Science fiction writers have doomed this world and as such deserve our eternal damnation. I am not calling on violence against the authors but perhaps against their books–ok you dont have to burn them but round them up and take them to your nearest recycling center.

The unimaginative seekers of power always recruit the creative ones to do their bidding to draw their roads maps and show them the way to power. Those in power Create nothing, they invent nothing they plunder genius and use it for their own deviant purposes.

And they got you by the balls.



Be serous most music says nothing, most books most movies, most magazines most TV shows–it is ONE very large void, one large space of absolutely nothing of consequence.

It is all designed to give you a false experience so you have the false impression that your life has more meaning then it really does. At the VERY best there is SOME good stuff with tons of mediocrity followed by tons of crap.

Entertainment, mass media is an emotional and metal sex toy, and it is being used on you quite effectively.

It is a mental emotional dildo.

(and it heavily jerks off men; The annual Hollywood Diversity report from the Bunche Center at the University of California, Los Angeles studied 172 films in 2011. The report shows, 89.5 percent of leading actors white, while only 10.5 percent were racial minorities. The actors were 74.4 percent male, while 25.6 were females.)

I do not require their perpetual psychological masturbation to be deluded into believing I am fulfilled. See, for me, and orgasm without attachment–without meaning –is worthless –climaxing is not an achievement–Because that‘s what we all want from the entertainment industry- incessant emotional, intellectual & psychological orgasms? Here’s my 9 bucks, please jerk me off? The Brian Williams debacle proved far more than he was a liar. It proved that all main stream reporters are liars– whether by omission commission or turning a blind eye when you damn well know better. Mr. Williams was just used as their sacrificial lamb to help prove to you how honest they are. Simply, the liars used a liar to show you that they are honest. Good for you, did it pass your BS meter? But don’t you worry about Mr. Williams. He got another job on MSNBC and he is still making a 6 figure salary. (oh and for the record I genuinely do not think he’s a bad guy–but like all of us we have been sucked into this false reality as it is much too painful to accept the ugly truth. What truth you ask?

That perhaps nothing you know is, indeed, the truth. Imagine that–what if everything you believed –was definitely false?

Look at their control over us–even Oprah was cowering in fear. They have brow beat everyone into believing thinking is bad and vile and that chronic emotional gratification is good and even mandatory . Just as they promote selfishness as selfishness make for a good consumer and a very bad CITIZEN.

Shallow empty and mindless is what they are gunning for.death

And if you , GOD FORBID, have something to say–you should be apologetic- we are taught not to challenge to accept what authority tells us–why is Channel 2 news more of an authority then anyone else? I have little to no one way of knowing that ANYTHING they say is what actually happened. They claim he had a gun, that he confessed, that he, I a known terrorist– how do I know ANY of it–even one word is true? In school we are taught to sit down shut up, do not talk, do not pass notes (no independent thinking or communication) and raise you hand if you want PERMISSION (fall in line little robot) to express a thought or an idea. The teacher sit there and pounds you with respiration and you are expected to regurgitation it without any real understanding as to why it works that way. They do not teach you insight–they teach you to follow orders.

I t is the emotional equivalent of having a session of meaningless, one night stands- no, thanks. You can keep your cancer of the heart and your AIDS of the soul. Yup, just let your CROC brain run your life. I adore animals but I refuse to be one.1744257_orig

The ‘thought control philosophy’ here is simple ; 1) teach that critical thinking is, shame people who engage, 2) teach people to be self -centered as it is the best kind of consumer, (greed, fear & insecurity make you spend) 3) that masturbatory entertainment should be denial — I’m sorry escapism . 4) promote that folks deserve the much needed time off from their tumultuous realities. Yeah, with all this ‘entertainment’ I just want to know where is your ’facing-up time’? And please do not say the ‘news’ which is just a deliberate anxiety machine (news– means current events which they do not report, it is a bastardized version of the most terrible events that happened that day–oh, and a squirrel wrestling with a puppy to make you feel as if they are honest trustworthy people) News is essentially propaganda sprinkled with tiny flecks of truth. The idea lifted from a horrible unaired episode of the British secret agent show the ‘Avengers‘.

Or is that “BRAVE NEW WORLD” Or ”1984”? The idiots mistook these sci-fi novels for a blue print and turned it into reality. Just like they told us for so many years that communism was bad, the Russians would listen to citizens phones calls, read their mail and have them followed–we fought so hard to fight communism that we have become communist. They sold us where their slogans “IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.” Except hiding was not our goal, privacy is not about hiding its about choosing who is in your circle and what do you share with that circle- -you may have cancer and only want to tell your best friend or your maybe gay and do not want to tell anyone at all. Neither of these are crimes–but BOTH require privacy. (and only an individual can decide what privacy means to her/him) All of our lives have become a reality show for the government- -and privacy has been villainized and we have, battled communism for decades only to wake up communists. The people who claimed to have hated communism the most are very support of their precepts.lolsclub.com-meme-maker, meme, conspiracy-keanu-meme1389381498503

– – You can go eat your junk food for the spirit and leave us conscience people to flourish in the world of reality -if we can even find it anymore in the Matrix soup fog— while your essence languishes in the virtual one.

If you haven’t gotten the message yet we have no intention of appealing to everyone, we don’t, we wont,. we cant –we do NOT want to. If I have to kiss your ass to get you to like me maybe you are not worth liking in the first place.

We figure our fans are the “Inverted 1%” Not the 1% mindless slave masters, but the 99% of the people who do not buy into the media’s bullshit. The inverted 1%. and perhaps we are onto something as every issue, of every book has sold out. Yeah I, in effect, make minimum wage–but it is much more fun then flipping poor little cows to make a bunch of soulless grunts happy. You can add on to that that the distributors and industry hates us–they don’t seem to have too much trouble coming up with the same ideas we do seemingly at the same times- AL LA the NEW AVENGERS–(you know plenty of minorities and women) But There is solace in that. To influence an entire industry to change is a victory.

But it’s all a manipulation, a PENN& TELLER contrivance that most people do not even understand is a magic trick. I love magic, but not for one second do I believe that either of them has ESP, can cut a lady in half, or can make anything disappear. The desire to believe is many times overwhelming.

As most of the world is so hooked on this concept of constant pleasure that we are literally destroying ourselves. Food must ‘taste’ good, but not be good for you, give me caffeine, give me sugar, give me white flour –give me GMO’S –please me fill me –I am so empty—they are serving up death with a smile and not only do we say thank you —but we tip them for it. How were you taught what tastes good anyway? Do you think Mexican food is really any better then Irish or Italy or French or do we tend to favor what ever we are first introduced to? Eating is such an emotional thing, family, friends, Mom, Dad–the most powerful memories have to do with smell–which, yep, is certainly food–and the big boys have known this for a long time–Weren’t you indoctrinated? –Didn’t they hire scientist to research the combination of ingredients that humans would find most addictive? Didn’t they put appetite stimulates in their food? Where oh where is the evidence that you can trust them?

Is it a conspiracy? Ready for my answer? I do not give a crap. . I think it is much closer to comparing it to love–they certainly do not love YOU, they love money, power, influence, control–the behavior they engage in is the opposite of love–the opposite of love is NOT HATE– it is apathy–I believe they are apathetic towards you.

You know the book? “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.” ?

Yeah, well corporations are just not that into you either. That all of them are apathetic towards you is a conspiracy? I do not know–I do not care–but what I do care about is that it clearly–causes pains and it is evidently destructive. To be apathetic towards someone is not being neutral it is just not caring. To be indifferent to your fellow humans is a form of deep psychosis that I can not treat (nor understand) and if you are lucky neither can you (otherwise you are one of them)

They just don’t care and that is bad for all of us (oh and rest assured–some of them absolutely do hate you and a lot. Thought I should let you know.)

It is censorship by design- by institutionalization– they do Not hire people and then demand to control what they say– they simply hire people like ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Two And Half Men’ and pay empty headed bimbos like ‘Seth Rogan’ to be actors– all people that have NOTHING to say. So covert censorship is not necessary. just hire a bunch of vapid morons that are only interested in chronic self indulgence and take the leash off. You are safe media moguls– the three of them combined could not fill a thimble with their intellect or artistic conscience.. Applying these methods you have, in effect, achieved functional censorship.

Or mission accomplished.

There’s plenty of fodder for you Zombies to indulge in. you self serving dopamine and seratonin releasing fix to pacify your emotions to trick you into believing you have had a real experience. Yes, these fake experience release the same exact chemicals as the real one does. Tha-da!


Wait a second, Tha-da? isn’t that the bedrock of magicians— misdirection— to pull off the illusion –hmm, is that what has happened here? Take it a step further—Unlike everyone else in entertainment we are NOT embarrassed that we have SOMETHING to say–I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO STRING WORDS TOGETHER FOR ‘EFFECT WITHOUT MEANING’– How the hell do these people damage to say absolutely nothing (i Know everything is symbolic, esoterically, metaphorical and impressionistic-) WHAT THE HELL KIND OF TALENT IS THAT? You can write about nothing? Holy shi*t you are hired! Why do we worship at the alter of those that have nothing to say- -isn’t that like the cute guy at the bar with nothing to offer but a night of passion? Its the equivalent of lust over love. They run around like peacocks with their quills spread and their chest out blabbing about how it is just ’–great entertainment–‘ and ’–there’s no message here–.’ Yeah, I know it was the best masturbatory session you ever had–I am so proud of you–when they tell me they have nothing to say I say believe them. I STILL Don’t GET HOW YOU STRING WORDS TOGETHER AND ESSENTIALLY TRYING TO AVOID THE PITFALLS OF SAYING SOMETHING.


They are here to emotionally and mentally jerking you off.

Is that it? Is this the state of amusement?

They want you to have a meaningless pointless, experience? It is the counter part to the meaningless sex that you love so much. And they have plenty of mouth wash and Purell to clean up afterwards. I do not have the talent or the inclination to act like a trained seal to play a xylophone for fish you are going to throw me. I will leave that to Jimmy Fallon and his ilk where your manufactured and manipulated approval matters more then your real thoughts and your real feelings.. Substituting FAME (which is false) for real love? Where your job is to get as many people to like the FALSE you as you possible can and wonder why you have fame but your life feels so damn empty. I will not write so I can metaphorically tickle your belly and feed you grapes in return for your superficial false affection. I’d rather have genuine hate then false love.

You know what; if that’s what it takes for you to like me–get lost. You are not needed and you are not wanted. Fame generally means loneliness, loss, lack of intimacy and eventually when you get old enough, and you will (those 13-17 year old girls and not going to be chasing after you anymore.) fame creates desperation and frauds. ‘The trained seal effect’ of what can I do next to ‘keep’ people ‘loving’ me. If the fame of love and the love of fame is so fickle and fleeting–it is false–you think you know Justin Bieber or George Clooney –oh yeah do you?. I don’t know anyone famous even the ones I knew. I can not tell you where the act began and where it ended and what they meant and what they felt mandated to do or say. Many of those ‘relationships’, sadly were an illusion and all in my mind.

I am not trying to offend you but if I do maybe there is a reason, maybe that’s good. Maybe you have been made to hit the pause button and disengage the perpetual mute button on your conscience. if I took your remote for a minute it’s–good- if it makes you angry–sorry–but then again–oh well–get over it. More over— wake up.

But it comes to a deeper point: Does media really ‘terrible’ or is it all design? Frankly does ‘media’ suck on purpose? These crappy shows, that we do not even really know if ANYONE is really watching (5,000 white middle age, middle class, nuclear families make ratings for the whole world, really? Nielson ratings? Can you even trust them?), serves only to further drowned out reality. Much like the Roman’s used the coliseum to take up space in their people’s minds and move your actual existence to the left.

Yes even then–there was a virtual reality as while what the spectators saw was real, destructive and evil–it was a manufactured truth–a contrivance.

Much like politics—Its all theater -Kabokie- Theater- its all misdirection- slight of hand- Criss Angel- (you don’t REALLY believe he can levitate do you?) –and you my friend– are the sucker. Or more simply its wrestling and we did not copy wrestling wrestling copied us.

For me–there are Too many white shows–Two and a Half Men, Friends, Sienfield, Happy Days on and – on–I am also talking about guest spots and small roles –who cares? It is not enough to matter. It’s like the perpetual cheater that has 50 other lovers but on May 2 they spent the night with you. Wow Lower your standards why don’t you? Let’s not even get into Asian and other minorities. (what 5 shows in 70 years? I am NOT impressed) Or the fact there is not one women with a late night talk show or a minority as Arsenio was fired. Wow, so we have George Lopez, (on cable) are you kidding me? They have no interest in normalizing race relations and showing large groups of any minority getting along with large groups of any other minority or, the default–white people. But that’s they are constantly drowning us in the white male image–

I guess it proves that America loves white genitals as that is what we mostly watch, white boring, have nothing to say, rich men. And these are the folks mentally and emotionally –uh –getting you off? Really? What does that say about you?

It’s like a disease.

It is all part of the master plan we all fear the unfamiliar. So it’s in their best interest to keep everything as bland, vanilla, and (their) ‘normal’ as possible. You don’t have to try to keep minorities off the air just hire white people. And hire men. Their egos so swollen and their reality so out of touch with the truth–they will automatically write ONLY about themselves without ANY promoting from the people that truly hold the reins. One might call it institutionalized censorship. they are excellent at not thinking about anyone but other white people (yes, in particular WHITE MEN). No instructions necessary. When they think of characters, rest assured, their is a 99.99% chance its look just like the person that’s in the mirror. White, normal, nerdy and boring- -ZZZZZ. Yeah it is Mind control but it is also so freaking dull.

All I can say is boo to movies, to television, films and comics and music –boring! SNOOZE! The censorship is NOT overt or by commission (depending on how you look at it) they just hire shallow, self centered people that have nothing to say and only self love to shower upon themselves.

Talented? Sometimes.

Interesting? No. Not to me.

That you just sing songs about how you hate your x-boyfriend or you are so sexy, or how you are filled with lust like some Giraffe in a zoo is just absolute trash of the lowest common denominator. I Don’t CARE How jealous you are or what blank space you have to fill (tragically symbolic?) It proves that these people wanted to be FAMOUS, not ARTISTS. As art equals danger–not the much sought after vanilla no matter how many rainbow sprinkles you season it with. Maybe they just needed the money to keep their very large asses: fat. I say-who cares? I don’t begrudge your wealth or alleged sexiness -only your all encompassing naivete, your ignorance, your conceit and your astounding social ignorance. Whether you like it or not–you are a co-conspirator, no matter how unwitting it may be. Not to mention your heightened, absurd sense of stunning self importance.

Isn’t it interesting that the greatest people of our history, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus- -did not seek or want fame–perhaps there is a link there? What’s my point? They know exactly who to look for and precisely whom to avoid.

Let’s face it Harry Styles sings not because he has something to say but because he wants to get laid.

These people are convinced that they are more special that they real are-(that the praise is real) -truth is we are all special–sorry that we are all beautiful and ugly and smart and idiots. Everyone–oh my–even me-(did I say that out loud?) -there are perhaps few exceptions that deserve more accolades-

Who are these people Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Caesar Chavez? That you delude yourself into believing you actually deserve such praise? At best you won the genetic lottery–thank your parents for mating and (and be glad they didn’t happen to use birth control that night) just call it a day. Stop running around like your sculpted yourself from spare mud and a pile of dung and ashes. And thank god you weren’t born blind or with Down Syndrome, or worse. Say to yourself instead “I am grateful”. Say instead “thank you.”

Like Paul Newman said ”–there is no accounting for where your sperm lands (or how you are born)” You self affection constitutes hatred of the world for after all you can not have a number one without having a number two– and please someone tell me who is number 3 and 4 and 5 (and who the heck is in last place)? i find self pride creepy (or national pride for that matter-you were born where ever you were born–so–and? It is-every bit as demented as if you bragged about how you masturbated. But isn’t this the same exact thing–are you famous people not all participating in mental and emotional perpetual masturbation?

This is the world you are creating one firmly lodged in a cast system–in more entitled and less entitled? No thank you I summarily reject your notion of the world. To me, if you are “famous” there’s a 99% chance you are dull and a bore and hateful. It requires a certain conceit, a fundamental disrespect of others, to think you are better then others and you deserve 1000 apples and other people deserve one or nothing. You are self delusional if you believe the accolades are real. You serve a purpose for those in power, fame, by default and by design is a reinforcement, a message to us all that there is a cast system. That some of you are, WTF?

STARS? Seriously. What are the rest of us planets? Meteors, space dust? I can tell you that I am NOT being clever when I say that I do not get it. It is literally the world of make believe take WAY WAY too far. So you can act or sing or dance or pretty –umm so what? Yeah it is nice–but to buy into the self destructive cast system is to severe at the beckon call of the most evil of masters–and you are NOT only its slave but its—-peasant.( you may have another word for it)

you can trap me on a deserted island, with nothing to eat but chocolate covered Viagra and Cilas, –and these women would be celibate for the duration of our stay. If we were the last people on Earth, its sad to say, I would be compelled by a higher moral authority, to find a rock and castrate myself. I would not punish the earth by recreating it with someone else like you in it. Worse I wouldn’t need the rock as you people are the ultimate ANTI-aphrodisiac–I’d dare say– that Taylor Swift, Any Kardashian,

-but these women are closing in to making that a reality. Their shallow, self indulgence–makes me hate my penis (or is that make it me like it more?). I look at them, I listen to them and I get a form of ED no magic blue pill could ever repair.. Worse,

They make me feel asexual. After all the opposite of love is not hate but apathy. (remember we talked about his before) You fill me with inertia.

And thanks Big Bang Theory I now hate nerds too as they are shown to be every bit as self centered and stupid as the big dumb jocks. I use to defend you against the bullies in in high school. If i had to go all over again, you’d be wearing your underwear around your neck and trapped, no entombed, forever wet, from being bum rushed and tossed- -inside your gym locker.

But these inept, un likable nerds are not the only problem it is truly the liars.

There is not one legitimate politician or scientist that truly believes there is no global warming.

Suck on that. Ha–I don’t believe that you do not believe it. Darn it the curtain has been pulled back and that blow hard OZ (and not that doctor guy–the one from the Emerald City) has been exposed.

There are those that know global warming is a scientific fact-and then those that are lying about it. There is no third kind of person. What is the real question is will it take a 100 years 200—for this planet to die? is THAT the question? I don’t freaking know, you don’t freaking know and who cares? I am not particularly interested in finding out if all goes south in the year 2016 or the year 3,000. We are in trouble so what does it matter? What’s is this; a high school moronic game of chicken? How many drinks can you have and still not drive off the cliff?

This is the great questions invented by the conservatives? Freaking lying psychopaths.

These is nothing to debate— there is not a difference of opinion, they are frauds. Worse we are teetering on the brink of extinction –they are not only incredibly immature, and lairs but worse, they are crazy as well. What’s more dangerous then a immature, lying, mad man? How sick is that they KNOW the EARTH is dying and they simply- do not care? We have all lived long enough to see Jor-el become a reality–yes KRYPTON is doomed please listen to me!

But it is your obligation to call them out and tell them they are full of crap. Remember you are talking to Dr. Doom and he just ate human brains (which gives you laughing disease and makes you insane) and laughs at every thing he says.

THERE IS GLOBAL WARMING AND THEY KNOW IT! Next chapter party of the caveman Personally I believe Republican no longer exist.

No more then the baby dinosaurs on Noah Ark does. Sorry people–I do not see why God could have created the world but not evolution.,

Look at sperm–does that look like a baby?

Of course not. It looks like gee, I don’t know,—-a one celled organism? And it evolves into a blob that eventually looks like an alien, then like us —isn’t that a microcosm of evolution? –it mutates from a gelatinous goo into a human being. I think this is the single best bit of proof that there is evolution. And there is no denying that, if there is a God– God created it–so God DOES use evolution and does believe in it–AND he, is in fact, is the inventor of it. There is no one other then God can and did– do both. It is the lairs that created yet another fake argument to create separation between us. This rich elite are frauds. Again, like Global warming they are certain that evolution is real–for them this is a game. And we are the players. And they are laughing at you, at us –to me it DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE–the point is do not-let them use you. Say, in every other way, I am a good (fill in the blank with your belief system here) is God really going to PUNISH me for getting evolution wrong (in either direction?) really?

So yeah talk about it–debate it–but keep it out of politics. As they swoop in and use and abuse all of us. We find that the real problem with this country and the world is not so much differing opinions it is that one group is overwhelming sincere while the other has an agenda of lies. Try to follow- I didn’t say ALL I said overwhelming majority– so do not bother me with a case or two to prove the opposite. You would have to present me billions of cases of proof in this in a world of 7 billion. I said 10 % which would total apx 700 million. So, roughly around 86 million letters would fail to prove your point. As that would be part of your confederation So think about what 100 or even thousands of letters would mean from this demented group? Zero–nothing.

As a 100,000 letter from your part of the country I am much more interested in what the WORLD thinks and feels–not a bunch of madmen and liars.

Simple its NOT that they disagree-its is that they oppose Jor-el –they are Dr. Doom–their agenda while disguised at an alternate point of view yeah is simply a magic act and and act of misdirection–do not–do not fall for it–not matter what side you a are on. As sometimes the enemy of your enemy is not would make me wish I could be a conservative-to be able to make the life style choice and be gay. (cause being gay is a life style choice in their mind) Though Unlike conservatives I do not posses the power to make myself want a man-(damn they could want a MAN if they chose to really???}
You can indulge in onslaught of perpetual visual masturbation and mainline feeding, me? But count me out.

t h e     o v e r w h e l m i n g    m a j o r i t y   o f   m o v i e s , g r a p h i c   n o v e l s    a n d T V s  h o w s     B O R E    M E    T O   D E A T H !

T h e y  h a v e  c h a n g e d  t h e  d e f i n i t i o n o f ‘entertainment’ ’ i n t o  r a n d o m   n o i s e s  s t r u n g  t o g e t h e r  f o r  e f f e c t   w i t h o u t  m e a n i n g . W o w , t h e y h a v e   u s  b r a i n w a s h e d  u s  b u t g  o o d . . A g a i n , i f  t h i s  i s y o u

J u s t  t h i n k  o f  u s  a s  t h e  c o m i c  w i t h  a   c o n s c i e n c e .   S t o p  l e t t i n g    t h e m  h u m i l i a t e   y o u  b e c a u s e   y o u  a r e  a  p e r s o n  o f   conscience and you want to  n o u r i s h  y o u r  p s y c h e   a n d  n o t  b e  r o b o t i c  v i r t u a l  s h e e p     z o m b i e . N o   y o u  h a v e  r i g h t s   t o o – – n o t   j u s t   t h e   o v e r w h e l m i n g p o p u l a t i o n    o f    T w i n k i e   e a t i n g   b i o l o g i c a l   d r o n e s .

We fight for animal rights, women’s rights, trans gender equality, racial rights and against the lying global warming deniers, (see any similarities?) and all causes of social justice– –if you don’t like it, find a cliff and jump into a pile of mindless, soulless, gutless gooey, shiny DVDS, luscious blue ray disks & pretty digital steaming..images (3)

It worse then visual junk food–this visual & spiritual sugar- -they have all of you convinced this sweetener is harmless (well how else are they going to persuade you to use it by telling you how dangerous it it?) this drug is the single most dangerous and wide spread drug in the world. Go read “SUGAR BLUES.” And educate yourself.

Look you want to use heroin go ahead, but do not tell me its not a drug–sugar is a drug–so let us call it that. Not to mention it causes an over growth of negative compounds within your intestines that destroys the human body little by little. But that’s a good way to control the population isn’t it? to inappropriately stimulate the pleasure centers for purpose of controlling you. And please do not waist (yes as in a growing waist line) my time with the think tank slogan that everything in balance can be ok–well for one why is your standard ‘ok’ and not superiority?

Mediocrity rules huh? and two certain things are not ok even in moderation, namely, rape, murder and any form of violence. There is no moderation for sugar-that is like saying a knife is good for you if it only goes an inch inside you–you know being stabbed in moderation, and raped in moderation and tortured in moderation- how about being cheated on and lied to in moderation? Or being stabbed in the eye in moderation? Like that captain mediocre? . I’m calling bull shit bull shit but Ill let you eat it–in moderation of course.

Media is certainly the new sugar–it is vapid, mindless, soulless garbage at best and at worst it is designed to control your entire brain–giving you plenty of information and presenting it as knowledge. (what do you expect them to call it–lies?) You want to tell me there are some good things on TV fine–maybe so–but even when its good most of it designed as escapism and I reject the premise. Stories in the past were designed to pass down our ancestry to teach a lesson–to randomly mentally jerk me off is not a pleasant experience for me–but feel free to enjoy it–in moderation.


Now I am going to have intercourse with your Mom, Your sister, your wife-and girlfriends— in, the cleanser or all human behavior– moderation.

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